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PC-to-PC Synchronization

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PC-to-PC Synchronization in Windows Vista build 5270.
Illustration of PC-to-PC Synchronization.

PC-to-PC Synchronization is a peer-to-peer synchronization feature included in pre-release builds of Microsoft Windows Vista designed to replicate folders and files in user profiles across multiple machines on a home network.[1] It was accessible from user profile folders via a Sync with Other PCs option located on the Command Bar or context menus of these folders in Windows Explorer.[1][2] Once a user established a sync relationship between PCs, data would automatically be replicated without user interaction.[1]

In June 2006, Microsoft announced that PC-to-PC synchronization would ultimately not be included in the RTM version of Windows Vista. A spokeswoman stated that it did not have customers' desired level of quality, but noted that Microsoft planned to deliver it in the future.[3]

Microsoft's preliminary documentation explains that PC-to-PC Synchronization was to be made available for all editions of Windows Vista excluding Starter and Home Basic.[1]


Windows Vista build 5112 is the first build known to include this feature. PC-to-PC Synchronization is available as a "Sync with other PCs..." option on the context menu of user profile folders including Desktop, Documents, Favorites, Music, Pictures, and Videos; an option for the feature is not present on the Command Bar of Windows Explorer. It is also available in Windows Vista build 5212 and can sync the same profile folders as build 5112.

Starting with Windows Vista build 5219, PC-to-PC Synchronization works with a new Contacts profile folder, allowing users to sync contacts between PCs on the same network. Notably, contact directories—including those for personal contacts or other contacts—can be synced individually; this is the first instance where PC-to-PC Synchronization is available for folders other than user profile folders.


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