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Microsoft Max or Microsoft Codename Max is a slideshow application demoed at PDC 2005,[1] and later made available to the public. Version 1.0.50831.3 is available at the BetaArchive FTP.[2] On 2 November 2006,[3] Max was discontinued after a beta.[4]

Max was known internally as Project M,[1] headed by Hillel Cooperman (who gave the Get Users to Fall in Love With Your Software during PDC 2003)[5][6] and described internally only as Windows "shell enhancements."[6]

Max is based on WinFX technology: Windows Presentation Foundation (formerly known as Avalon), Windows Communication Foundation (formerly known as Indigo), the Common Language Runtime (CLR) and other Microsoft technologies.[1]

Version in the BetaArchive FTP

The gallery contains a screenshot guide for installing the version of Microsoft Max (1.0.50831.3)[7] in the BetaArchive FTP.

Lost version

An updated version of Microsoft Max allowed reading news through RSS.[8] This version is not available on the BetaArchive FTP. The download link from here was not archived at the Wayback Machine.

According to BetaArchive user ATeamInc, based on his analysis of the Max setup download links, this newer version might have been offered as an "in-place" update for existing versions and a full package was not offered for the new version.[9]


Install Guide


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