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This article describes how to set up use the Xbox 360 Chatpad together with an Xbox 360 controller.


The Xbox 360 Chatpad is for use exclusively with Xbox 360 wired or wireless controllers and the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system.

Note Only controllers that have the Created by Xbox logo are compatible with the Xbox 360 Chatpad. Only products that are manufactured by Microsoft bear this logo.
[GRAPHIC: Made by Xbox logo]

Update your console

Before you connect the Xbox 360 Chatpad to your controller, make sure that your Xbox 360 console is up to date. To do this, connect to Xbox LIVE. For more information about how to connect to Xbox LIVE, view the Volume 1 section in your Xbox 360 Setup manual.

Connect the Xbox 360 Chatpad to a controller

After you connect your console to Xbox LIVE and complete any system updates, you can connect the Xbox 360 Chatpad to a controller.
[GRAPHIC: Connect controller]

  1. Turn the controller and the Xbox 360 Chatpad so that the bottom of each faces up.
  2. Align the Xbox 360 Chatpad connector plug to the controller's expansion port. Align the two posts on the Xbox 360 Chatpad with the holes on the controller.
  3. Gently but firmly push the Xbox 360 Chatpad onto the controller with even pressure until they snap together.

Note If your console is not connected to the Internet or if you are not a subscriber to Xbox LIVE, you can download the Xbox 360 Chatpad update to the computer, burn it to a CD, and then install it on the console. For more information, visit the following Web site:

Use firm pressure to fully seat the Xbox 360 Chatpad onto the controller. A fully-seated Xbox 360 Chatpad will have no gaps between it and the edges of the controller.

When the Xbox 360 Chatpad is connected to a powered controller, it is ready.

Connect a headset

The 2.5-millimeter (mm) audio jack on the Xbox 360 Chatpad lets you connect headsets such as the revised Xbox 360 Headset with inline volume control or a mobile phone headset. The Xbox 360 Chatpad does not work with the original Xbox 360 Headset that has volume controls on the cable connector. For more information, see the instruction manual for your headset.
[GRAPHIC: headset]
To connect a headset; plug the headset's connector into the 2.5-mm connector jack on the Xbox 360 Chatpad.

Hearing loss

Important When you use a headset, extended exposure to high volumes may result in temporary or permanent hearing loss. Some unapproved third-party headsets may produce higher sound levels than approved Xbox 360 Headsets.

How to use the Xbox 360 Chatpad


As with a standard computer keyboard, the Xbox 360 Chatpad characters are lowercase by default and the SHIFT button is your access to capital letters.
English keyboard
[GRAPHIC: English keyboard]

French keyboard
[GRAPHIC: French keyboard]

In addition to standard keys like numbers, space, and backspace, the Xbox 360 Chatpad provides two "modifier" keys other than SHIFT: AMBER and GREEN. These keys toggle between standard key values (white characters) and special characters (amber or green colored characters that are printed on the keys).

Also featured on the Xbox 360 Chatpad is the Windows Live Messenger button. Press this button to access instant messaging. The Windows Live Messenger button also lights up whenever you receive an instant message.

For information about how to use the Xbox 360 Chatpad with a particular game, see the game manual.

Special characters

When you press the SHIFT, AMBER, or GREEN key one time, the subsequent key press will produce a character in uppercase or special mode, depending on what mode is selected. The second and following key presses will be in lowercase mode.

To enter caps lock mode, press the AMBER key, and then press the SHIFT/CAPS key. Press this keyboard shortcut again to return to normal mode.

The SHIFT, AMBER, and GREEN keys illuminate to signify that the keypad is in a particular mode.

To add a diacritic (accent mark) to a letter, press the keyboard shortcut for the diacritic. Then press the letter to apply the diacritical mark to. For example, to enter ü on an English Xbox 360 Chatpad, press the GREEN key, the G key (the umlaut character is printed in green on this key), and then press the u key.


The Xbox 360 Chatpad's white backlight enables use in dark rooms. When you press any key on the Xbox 360 Chatpad, the backlight will turn on. The backlight will stay on for several seconds after you press each key.

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