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CodeView Gives "Bad DLL Format in 'Filename'"

Article ID: 87922

Article Last Modified on 10/23/2003


  • Microsoft CodeView for MS-DOS
  • Microsoft CodeView 4.1

This article was previously published under Q87922


Attempting to have CodeView for Windows version 4.0x or 4.1 or CodeView for Win32s version 4.25 load one of the DOS expression evaluators through an Eval statement in the [CVW] section of the TOOLS.INI file will cause the following error message to be displayed:

bad DLL format in 'filename'

'filename' is the name of the expression evaluator that CodeView for Windows or CodeView for Win32s is trying to load, and will be either EED1CAN.DLL or EED1CXX.DLL. The message is issued immediately after the file to be debugged has been specified.

If an expression evaluator designed to run in the Windows environment is loaded by CodeView under MS-DOS, CodeView will cause the following error message to be displayed when run under Windows:

This application has violated system integrity
due to an invalid general protection fault and
will be terminated.

Quit all applications, quit Windows, and then restart you computer.

If CodeView is run outside of Windows, it will either generate a R6915 unhandled exception or hang the machine.


CodeView versions 4.0x and 4.1, CodeView for Windows versions 4.0x and 4.1, and CodeView for Win32s version 4.25 use expression evaluators to look up symbols, parse, and evaluate expressions. The expression evaluators are provided in the form of dynamic-link libraries (DLLs).

The Eval statement can be used in the TOOLS.INI file to tell CodeView to load a specific expression evaluator. If no Eval statement is used, CodeView loads the C++ expression evaluator by default.

The expression evaluators used by CodeView under MS-DOS are different than those used by CodeView for Windows or CodeView for Win32s because the environments they operate in are different. The names of the expression evaluators identify the environment they were designed to run in and use the following naming convention:

EEhost evaluator.DLL

The "host" portion is either D1 for MS-DOS or W0 for Windows. The "evaluator" part is either CAN for C or MASM, or CXX for C, C++, or MASM. For example, the EED1CAN.DLL expression evaluator is the C and MASM expression evaluator for CodeView under MS-DOS. EEW0CAN.DLL is the C and MASM expression evaluator for CodeView for Windows.

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