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Transferring Files Between Word and Ventura Publisher

PSS ID Number: Q58948 Article last modified on 11-24-1998

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Ventura Publisher by Xerox can read from and write to Microsoft Word Versions 3.10 and 3.11 files. A method of working with documents from Word Versions 4.00 and 5.00 is to save the document in Word as ASCII text. Ventura can accept any document that is saved in this format.

Since Ventura links the Word document into the Ventura document, Word style sheets do NOT transfer. However, you can edit the Word document, and the Ventura Document reflects the changes. Attributes that do transfer directly are stated below.

Microsoft has not tested Word with Ventura Publisher, and therefore, we cannot guarantee proper results. For support of Ventura Publisher, contact Xerox at (214) 436-2616.

More Information:

Ventura Publisher allows the following text attributes to be exchanged between it and Word Versions 3.1x:

Bold Superscript Subscript Strikethrough Underline Optional Hyphen (CTRL+-) Nonbreaking Space (CTRL+SPACEBAR)

All other attributes, footnotes, and index references must be entered into Word using formatting codes, some of which are briefly outlined below.

Attribute Code ——— —-

Italics Double Underline <=> Overscore <O> (letter O, not zero) Small

For example, to make the phrase “We the people” double underlined, place <=> in front and after “We the people”, as in the following:

<=>We the people<=>

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