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Word: Space Before or After Breaks Format Border Line

PSS ID Number: Q58759 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




When using Format Border Lines to vertically outline continuous multiple paragraphs, the border will be discontinuous if one of the paragraphs has a value entered in the Format Paragraph menu for “space before:” or “space after:”.


This problem occurs as a result of the way that Word treats paragraph formatting. The Format Border command is a paragraph-based function (that is, it applies to each paragraph separately). Therefore, the lines generated as borders must adhere to any restraints placed on the paragraph. These restraints can include such things as spaces before or after the paragraph.

If a set number of spaces before or after a paragraph is required, then the following steps should be followed to produce the desired result:

  1. Execute a carriage return where the spaces are desired (before or after the appropriate paragraph).
  2. Choose Format Paragraph (with the cursor positioned over the carriage return from Step 1 and set the “line spacing:” field to the desired number of spaces.
  3. Execute the Format Border command after highlighting the selected paragraphs.

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