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RTF to WordPerfect 4.x Conversion Not Working PSS ID Number: Q58590 Article last modified on 08-17-1993 PSS database name: APpsConV

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The rich text format (RTF) -to-WordPerfect versions 4.x, 5.0, and 5.1 Apple File Exchange (AFE) scripts do not work as expected when used with Apple File Exchange version 1.1.1. To work around this problem, do the following:

  1. Save the file in RTF file format.
  2. Translate the file using the RTF to WordPerfect versions 4.x, 5.0, or 5.1 AFE script.
  3. Translate the file that results on your Macintosh to a DOS-formatted disk using the default translation. The file can now be read into WordPerfect versions 4.x, 5.0, or 5.1 for the PC.

More Information:

More detailed information about what exactly transfers is available as an application note titled “WordPerfect File Conversion” for Word for the Macintosh version 4.0. To obtain this application note, call Microsoft Product Support Services at (206) 635-7200.

This application note can also be found in the Software/Data Library by searching on the word GC0174, the Q number of this article, or S13004. GC0174 was archived using the Compact Pro file-compression utility. You will need Extractor or a licensed copy of Compact Pro to unarchive this file.

Note: When you attempt to copy an RTF file from a Macintosh to a DOS-formatted disk, the file copies to a temporary file and then the temporary file copies to a WordPerfect file. The WordPerfect file appears on the hard drive or disk that the RTF file originated on, instead of on the DOS-formatted disk. Some other translations (DCA, text, default translation) copy correctly to the DOS-formatted disk.

Additional reference words: 3.0 textconv

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