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Word: File Corruption and “Cannot Access…” Errors

PSS ID Number: Q51722 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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Many nonstandard partitioning schemes (for example, non-FDISK disk) may cause problems when used with Microsoft Word for MS-DOS. These problems may be more apparent when disk-caching software is also used.

Errors when running Word under this configuration can include the messages “Error accessing Word.exe,” “Error accessing file FILENAME,” “Enter ‘Y’ to retry access to MW######.TMP,” and document corruption after saving and reloading a file.

Word supports MS-DOS and the use of the MS-DOS FDISK command for disk partitioning. Other methods generally require that special drivers be loaded in the CONFIG.SYS file with the “DEVICE=” statement.

When using Word version 5.0, the error message “error accessing Word.exe” can be avoided in some cases if the WORD.EXE, WORD.OVL, and SPELL.OVL files are copied over separately rather than having them combined using SETUP.


You can test for possible interference from these types of software by using the following steps:

  1. Start Word on a floppy disk system, or copy WORD.EXE and a document to a floppy disk. It is unnecessary to include help files, spell files, PRDs, or a screen driver.
  2. Use Word strictly from the floppy disk (be sure the MSWNET and TMP paths do not indicate the hard drive). It is best to boot from an MS-DOS floppy disk to perform the test.

If Word functions properly after performing these steps, there is likely a problem with other software being loaded. Contact the manufacturer for the latest release of that product.

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