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Works 2.00 README: Using Works in OS/2 Real Mode

PSS ID Number: Q50667 Article last modified on 03-24-1997



====================================================================== 2.00 MS-DOS ENDUSER


The following contains partial contents of the README.WPS file located on the 5.25" Setup disk for Works Version 2.00:

Using Works in the OS/2 DOS Compatibility Box

Please note the following:

  1. If you are running Works in graphics mode and your underline cursor doesn’t blink, run Works in text mode. To change modes, use the Options Works Settings command.
  2. When using Works with Microsoft LAN Manager, Works cannot print to a redirected port unless you have that same hardware port on your personal computer.
  3. If you press CTRL+ESC to go to Presentation Manager’s Task List while in the chart or preview screen, and then return to Works, the chart or preview screen is no longer displayed. Press ESC to return to Works.

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====================================================================== Keywords : dworkskb Version : 2.00 Platform : MS-DOS ============================================================================= Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1997.