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Printing Word Documents with AppleShare PC 2.0

PSS ID Number: Q50240 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

4.00 5.00 5.50 6.00



AppleShare PC version 2.0 allows you to designate a PostScript printer connected to AppleTalk as your printing device for Microsoft Word documents. The Desk Accessory (DA.EXE) utility program lets you select a specific PostScript printer (Apple LaserWriter or NEC LC890) for printing your Word documents. Any print jobs sent to the LPT (parallel) printer port selected from within the Desk Accessory are redirected to the PostScript printer connected to AppleTalk.

However, you may receive the message “Printer not ready” when attempting to print to the AppleShare PC 2.0 redirected LPT port from within Word. To prevent this message from occurring, make sure that you set up AppleShare PC 2.0 and Word for PostScript printing by performing the following steps:

From within the AppleShare PC 2.0 Desk Accessory

  1. In the “Choose Application Output” field, select PostScript.
  2. In the “Assign As LPT” field, enter 1 to use LPT1. This replaces your local printing port.
  3. In the “Timeout” field, make sure you specify 20 or more seconds.

From within Microsoft Word

You must modify the PostScript initialization file used by Word so that it does not change the permanent state of the PostScript printer’s virtual memory (VM). Word 4.00 uses two PostScript initialization files, POSTSCRP.INI (portrait orientation) and POSTSCRL.INI (landscape orientation). Word 5.00 uses one initialization file (POSTSCRP.INI) because it makes use of the PostScript printer’s autorotate capability to produce landscape orientation.

Word version 5.50’s .INI file is very similar to that of Word 5.00.

Normally, POSTSCRP.INI creates a dictionary (MSDICT) in the printer’s VM so that Word-defined keys and their corresponding values can be used for subsequent print jobs. Word sends POSTSCRP.INI to the printer before every print job. POSTSCRP.INI is a text file that can be edited with any text editor program. The following instructions explain how to modify POSTSCRP.INI for PostScript printing with AppleShare PC 2.0 using Microsoft Word.

  1. Word 4.00: Comment out the first two lines of POSTSCRP.INI and POSTSCRL.INI by inserting two percent signs (%%) at the beginning of each line. After commenting out these lines, they should read as follows:

    %%userdict /msdict known {stop} if %%serverdict begin 0 exitserver

    Word 5.00: Comment out the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th lines of POSTSCRP.INI by placing two percent signs (%%) at the beginning of the lines. After commenting out these lines, they should read as follows:

    %%userdict /msinifile known %%{msinifile (POSTSCRP) eq {stop} if) if %%serverdict begin exitserver %%userdict /msorigstate known {msorigstaterestore} if

  2. Use the Search command to locate the line that begins with the character string “/PSe”. Delete the words “currentfile closefile” that appear on the line. The line should now read as follows:

    /PSe {restore end} def (Word 4.00)

    /PSe {restore end} bind def (Word 5.00)

  3. Press CTRL+PGDN to move to the end of the file. Delete the first CTRL+D (diamond) character that is displayed. You will not be able to delete the second CTRL+D (diamond) character – it is Word’s end-of-file marker.

  4. Save the file. In Word 4.00, make sure that the “formatted:” field is set to “No”. In Word 5.00, make sure the “format:” field is set to “Text-only”.

To print your Word document, select POSTSCRP or POSTSCRL (Word 4.00 only) in the “printer:” field of the Print Options menu. In the “setup:” field, select LPT1. If you are running Word in text mode, AppleShare PC 2.0 will display a flashing status bar in the upper-right corner of the screen.


To select a PostScript printer within the AppleShare PC 2.0 Desk Accessory using an Apple LocalTalk PC board, the following AppleShare PC 2.0 modules must be loaded into memory before using the Desk Accessory:

LSL.COM (AppleTalk Link Support Layer) LTALK.COM or LTALKP.COM (Interrupt or polled driver) ATALK.COM PAP_WS.COM (Printer access protocol driver) APRINT.COM

AppleShare PC 2.0 now provides Multiple Link Interface Drivers (MLIDs) that allow IBM personal computers or compatibles using IBM Token Ring, 3Com, or Novell network cards to access devices connected to an AppleTalk network.

For more information about using AppleShare PC 2.0 and MLIDs for your IBM, 3Com, or Novell network card, contact Apple Inc. at (408) 996-1010.

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