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Works 2.00: Print Merge and Expanded Memory Support

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An exact formula does not exist for determining the maximum number of records that can be merged from a Database to a form letter in the Word Processor in Works Version 2.00. A number of variables affect the amount of memory available, including the following:

  1. The number of open files. Works allows a maximum of eight files to be open simultaneously.
  2. The size of each file. The amount of memory taken up by each file opened depends on its size.
  3. Memory resident programs. Each memory resident utility takes away available memory from Works.

The raw increase in capacity for the Spreadsheet and Database when using EMS is the same. For each additional 512K of EMS, you can enter approximately 1000 more records to the Database, or 1000 more records to the Spreadsheet. This figure is based on 256 columns and the default column width.

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