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Display Problems with the STB Auto VGA Card and Word

PSS ID Number: Q48252 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




Word version 5.00 customers have reported the following display problems on computers that use an STB (Simply The Best) Auto VGA card:

  1. Screen corruption when moving the mouse
  2. No screen displayed when in graphics mode or using the Print preView command

STB has confirmed that there is a BIOS problem with its 8-bit VGA card, and is currently working with the BIOS chip manufacturer to provide a solution to the problem. Only the STB Auto VGA card (a low-end, 8-bit card) shows these problems.

If you are having similar problems with Word 5.00 and the STB Auto VGA card, contact STB technical support at (214) 234-8750 to obtain information about the BIOS upgrade.

The Word 5.00 Setup program creates a video driver file (SCREEN.VID) for proper video display in text and graphics mode on a computer. For computers that use a VGA graphics card, SCREEN.VID should have a file size of 13,393 to 13,434 bytes.

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