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PRB: Resident Software May Cause "Internal Debugger Error"

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Article Last Modified on 9/30/2003


  • Microsoft CodeView 4.1
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  • Microsoft CodeView 3.0
  • Microsoft CodeView 3.0
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  • Microsoft CodeView 4.01
  • Microsoft CodeView 4.1

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Sometimes when I run CodeView, I get an

Internal Debugger Error



Internal Debugger Error messages are usually caused by problems in your MS-DOS environment; the most likely cause is the presence of memory-resident software, commonly referred to as TSRs (terminate- and-stay-resident software).

For example, running CodeView with Borland's Sidekick loaded has been known to cause "Internal Debugger Error 80" and "R6002: Floating Point not loaded" error messages. "Internal Debugger Error 80" has also been reported when CodeView was run with Software Solutions' "Software Carousel" loaded into memory.


CodeView Versions 2.0 and later have become increasingly more sensitive to TSRs. If you receive an Internal Debugger Error message, or you are experiencing strange problems within CodeView, make sure you are running CodeView with no memory-resident software loaded (including, but not limited to, device drivers, screen savers, keyboard enhancers, command-line editors, etc.). Disabling your resident software, but not rebooting, may not completely remove its interference, so be sure to "boot clean" when trying to resolve a problem of this type.

If you continue to receive the error message without memory-resident programs, try running CodeView on some other program to see if the error is related to particular code. If the error is related to the specific code, and you are unable to determine the cause, you may want to call Microsoft Product Support.

If the error is not dependent on your code, the problem might be the particular sequence of CodeView commands you execute. Make a note of what operations you performed, i.e., the sequence of Trace, Go, Watch, Breakpoint, etc., commands that were issued, and contact Microsoft Product Support.

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