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Word: HPGL Graphics Cropped, Distorted, or Rotated

PSS ID Number: Q47833 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




Microsoft Word version 5.0 recognizes the Hewlett-Packard (HP) 7440 ColorPro subset of HPGL commands. Consequently, print files created for other (more sophisticated) plotters may have part of the image cut off, distorted, or rotated incorrectly. There are several functions that are not available on the HP 7440, and consequently, not in Word.

If a file does not import into Word or demonstrates one of the above problems, it can usually be corrected by using a conversion program. HiJaak from Inset Systems is a conversion program that has a much more sophisticated HPGL import filter. This allows the conversion of HPGL format to Lotus PIC format (also a vector graphic format, retaining the quality of the file), which Word should be able to import without any difficulty.

HiJaak is a companion product for Word 5.0 and is available from Inset Systems in Brookfield, CT by calling (800) 828-8088.

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