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Word: Preventing Keyboard Conflicts with TSRs

PSS ID Number: Q47794 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

4.00 5.00



Word uses two interrupts for keyboard handling: Int 09H and Int 16H. This may present keyboard conflicts with some memory resident programs (TSRs). In most cases, starting Word Version 4.00 with the /k switch should resolve memory conflicts.

With Word 5.00, there is a special keyboard driver that can be incorporated into the graphics driver Word uses to control screen display. This keyboard support can be selected from the list of computers given when running the Setup program.

If Word 5.00 has already been installed, but not for safe keyboard support, you can build a new graphics driver that incorporates this support, without having to run the Setup program again.

To do this, run MAKEVID.EXE, which is located on Utility Disk 2. The documentation for this program is also located on Utility Disk 2 in the file called MAKEVID.DOC.

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