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Some Instructions May Require Enabling of Instruction Set

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Article Last Modified on 10/29/2003


  • Microsoft Macro Assembler 5.0
  • Microsoft Macro Assembler 5.1 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Macro Assembler 5.1a
  • Microsoft Macro Assembler 6.0 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Macro Assembler 6.0a
  • Microsoft Macro Assembler 6.0b

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Using an instruction that requires a 80186, 80286, or 80386 processor may cause the Microsoft Macro Assembler (MASM) 5.1 to generate the one of the following errors:

A2066: Must have instruction after prefix.

A2105: Expected: instruction, directive, or label

and MASM 6.0 to generate the following error:

A2085: instruction or register not accepted in current CPU mode

The error occurs because the default assembly mode is 8086. The .186, .286, .286p, .386, or .386p directive must be placed in the source code prior to any instructions that require those modes.

In addition, MASM 6.0 supports 80486 instructions.


The following information is taken from page 621 of the "Microsoft Macro Assembler Programmer's Guide" for MASM 6.0

80186 Processor Instructions

   BOUND        INSW         OUTSW
   ENTER        LEAVE        POPA
   INS          OUTS         PUSHA
   INSB         OUTSB        PUSHW*

80286 Processor Instructions

   ARPL         SIDT         VERR
   LAR          SLDT         VERW
   LSL          SMSW
   SGDT         STR

80286 and 80386 Privileged-Mode Instructions

   CLTS         LIDT         LMSW
   LGDT         LLDT         LTR

80386 Processor Instructions

   BSF          LSS          SETNAE
   BSR          MOVSD        SETNB
   BT           MOVSX        SETNBE
   BTC          MOVZX        SETNC
   BTR          OUTSD        SETNE
   BTS          POPAD        SETNG
   CDQ          POPFD        SETNGE
   CMPSD        PUSHAD       SETNL
   CWDE         PUSHD*       SETNLE
   INSD         PUSHFD       SETNO
   IRETD        SCASD        SETNP
   IRETDF*      SETA         SETNS
   IRETF*       SETAE        SETNZ
   JECXZ        SETB         SETO
   LFS          SETBE        SETP
   LGS          SETC         SETPE
   LODSD        SETE         SETPO
   LOOPD*       SETG         SETS
   LOOPED*      SETGE        SETZ
   LOOPNED*     SETL         SHLD
   LOOPNZD*     SETLE        SHRD
   LOOPZD*      SETNA        STOSD

80486 Processor Instructions

   BSWAP*       INVD*        WBINVD*
   CMPXCHG*     INVLPG*      XADD*

   * New to MASM 6.0

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