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No Expanded Memory After Starting Project PSS ID Number: Q47066 Article last modified on 04-17-1992 PSS database name: W_WinPRoj




When running Microsoft Project for Windows with Windows/286 or Windows/386, Windows will not report expanded memory after you start Microsoft Project by typing “WINPROJ” (without the quotation marks) from the DOS prompt. Project, however, does report expanded memory.

This behavior occurs because Windows is started using the /n parameter. This parameter disables Windows from using expanded memory. However, the expanded memory managers are still present. Therefore, LIM Version 3.2 memory is available for all applications (given that there is a 64K contiguous block of memory available) that are able to use expanded memory, such as Microsoft Project for Windows.

You can confirm the presence of expanded memory in Project for Windows by selecting the About menu choice located in the Help menu.

Additional Reference Words: 1.0 1.00 Expanded

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