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Reflection Version 3.3x and Windows/386 PSS ID Number: Q46857 Article last modified on 12-06-1989 PSS database name: PSS



The error message: “This program has violated system integrity…” may result when attempting to load Reflection Version 3.3x from Walker Richer & Quinn under Windows/386. To run this version of Reflection correctly from Windows/386, you must include the two switches mentioned below in the “Program Parameters” entry of the program’s PIF file.

A “/j” (without the quotation marks) must be included to disable the low-level interrupt priority rotation scheme that this version of the Reflection software performs. Note that this switch is available only for the 3.3x version of Reflection; it is not a valid switch for versions both before and after this release. A “/i” (without the quotation marks) should be included to force the program to use the IBM character set on screen in place of a built-in character set that allows for more lines to be displayed at one time.


   Program Parameters:   /j /i

More Information:

By default, the 3.3x version of the Reflection software performs a priority switch between the keyboard and COM port interrupts. This allows for faster communication while the keyboard is in use. This low level priority rotation will not function properly with Windows/386 and may produce the error message: “This program has violated system integrity…” when executed from within Windows/386. Versions of the Reflection software prior to Version 3.3x did not perform this priority rotation by default and therefore the /j switch is not necessary. Versions after 3.3x detect if they are being executed from within Windows/386 and turn this option off automatically when executed.

Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1989.