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Word 5.0: Setup Program – Video Adapter List

PSS ID Number: Q45415 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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When loading Microsoft Word for DOS or OS/2 version 5.0, the list of video adapters in the Setup program contains the following:

  1. Monochrome Display Adapter MDA
  2. IBM CGA
  3. CGA or compatible (non-IBM)
  4. IBM EGA or compatible
  5. Zenith Tecmar EGA
  6. Zenith VGA Z549
  7. IBM PS/2 Model 50/60/70/80 VGA or compatible
  8. IBM 8514/A or compatible
  9. IBM PS/2 Model 25/30 MCGA
  10. Hercules Graphics Card
  11. Hercules Graphics Card Plus or InColor Card
  12. AT&T 6300/Olivetti high resolution adapter or DEB
  13. HP Vectra high resolution adapter
  14. Compaq Portable III or Portable 386
  15. Toshiba 3100
  16. Micro Display Systems Genius
  17. Wyse 700
  18. Ericsson high resolution adapter
  19. IBM PC Convertible
  20. IBM 3270 PC

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