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Word: Format Position Frame Width Information

PSS ID Number: Q44097 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

5.00 5.50 6.00



In Microsoft Word version 5.0, the Format pOsition “frame width:” field is used to specify the width of a paragraph frame. In Word version 5.5, the Format Position Paragraph Width text box is used to specify the width of a paragraph frame.

The default width of a paragraph is one column. For a one-column page, the frame stretches from margin to margin. For a multicolumn page, the frame matches the width of a single column.

When a frame width is specified for a paragraph of text, the text wraps within the frame. Any indents that are set for a paragraph are maintained within the frame.

Frame width does not affect the size of an imported graphic. If the graphic is larger than the frame width that is specified, the graphic extends beyond the frame borders, where it may be overlapped by text that would normally occupy the area. The size of a graphic object is set when it is imported with the Library Link Graphics (Word 5.0) or Insert Picture (Word 5.5) command.

The frame height is automatically set to include a graphic or text paragraph and any paragraph properties that add vertical height (for example, a border or space after).

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