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Adding Bin Support to a Printer Driver in Word 5.00

PSS ID Number: Q44083 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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Word version 5.00 is designed to support features that are standard to the printers it supports, including bin feeders. Printers that do not have sheet feeders or paper bins as standard equipment cannot select bins from Print Options. There are, however, three methods to allow access to optional bins that have been added. These methods are described below:

  1. When using a Hewlett-Packard (HP) LaserJet, choose a model (usually the 2000 or IID) that includes this bin support. This model can be changed in the “model:” field in Print Options.

  2. If the bin works by changing the model name in the first option, you can modify the BinsSupported field in the Model Block of the print driver being used.

    1. Run the MAKEPRD program to convert the current printer driver to a text file.
    2. Load the text file into Word and search for ModelName to find the correct one to be modified.
    3. Move up two lines to the BinsSupported field. On this line, include the number of the bins for which support is added.

    Bins 1-3 are normally considered sheet feeders and Bin 4 is an envelope feeder. The escape codes for these bins can be found in the Printer Control Sequence Description in bytes 38, 46, 70, and 108, respectively.

    For example, to add support for Bins 1 and 2 for a LaserJet Series II, search for that model name, then locate its BinsSupported field two lines above. Change the line that reads


    to read as follows:

    BinsSupported:0 1 2

  3. If the bin feeder does not come standard with the printer, you can modify the codes directly in the printer driver in bytes 38, 46, 70, and 108 for Bins 1-4, respectively, and their corresponding end codes. This procedure probably is more simply done using the Word 5.00 MERGEPRD utility.

    After running MERGEPRD, enter the name of the printer driver being used by choosing the first option. MERGEPRD will then ask for the model of printer used. Enter the printer model, then choose the “Change bin support” option. MERGEPRD will prompt for which bin to add. After choosing the bin, MERGEPRD needs the printer escape sequence to select that bin. For example, the exact syntax and escape sequences for the various bins on the feeder made by BDT are listed below.

    MERGEPRD also asks for the sequence to eject paper from that bin. All characters must be entered as ASCII code numbers, three-digit decimal codes, or hexadecimals followed by an “H” in uppercase or lowercase. The escape character can be entered as “ESC”, “027”, or “1BH”.

    Bin selection sequences for the BDT sheet feeder are as follows:

    Bin 1: ESC 026 049 Bin 2: ESC 026 050 Bin 3: ESC 026 051 Bin 4: ESC 026 052

    Page eject code for all bins: 012

    This process can be continued until support is added for all bins available. Once completed, choose Option 7 to create the new printer driver and Option 8 to exit MERGEPRD. The new printer driver can then be selected in Print Options with the correct support for the printer model used.

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