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Word: Support for Fujitsu Printers

PSS ID Number: Q43371 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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Word version 5.50 support for the Fujitsu DL-2600, DL-5600, DX-2300, DX-2400, and RX-7100 printers is supplied on supplemental printer disks. The printer drivers FRX7100A.PRD, FRX7100B.PRD, FRX7100T.PRD, FRX7100L.PRD, FDX2000F.PRD, FDX2000I.PRD, FDL2600.PRD, and FDL2400.PRD are compressed files and can be installed with SETUP.EXE. Supplemental printer disks can be obtained from Microsoft Customer Services by calling (800) 426-9400.

Word version 5.00 support for the DX-2300, DX-2400, DL-2400, DL-2600, and DL-5600 printers is included with the program. FDL2600.PRD, FDX2000F.PRD, and FDX2000I.PRD may be found on the Printers 1 disk.

Fujitsu America has a set of printer drivers available for Word version 4.00 for its DX, DL, and RX series of printers. The drivers can be obtained from Fujitsu America’s technical support department by calling (800) 826-6112.

The specific printers are as follows:

DX Series: DX-2300 DX-2400

DL Series: DL-2400 DL-2600 DL-3300 DL-3400 DL-5600

RX Series: RX-7100 RX-7200 RX-7300

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