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INF: OS/2’s Resource Compiler Is Not Compatible with Windows ID Number: Q43039

2.03 2.10 3.00 WINDOWS


The protected-mode RC (Resource Compiler) included with the OS/2 SDK (Software Development Kit) is not compatible with Windows resources.

Versions of RC that were included with Windows SDKs earlier than version 3.0 are real-mode-only programs; therefore, these versions of RC can run only in MS-DOS. The OS/2 version of RC cannot be used to either compile Windows resources or bind them to executables.

The version of RC included with the Windows version 3.0 SDK is a bound program, similar to other Microsoft development tools, and can be run under OS/2 in protected mode. The Windows and OS/2 versions of RC are still incompatible because Windows and Presentation Manager use different resource formats and mark their .EXE files in different ways.

Additional reference words: 2.03 2.10 2.x 3.0 3.1