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Support for Xerox Helvetica 300 Mini-Pack Font Library

PSS ID Number: Q41497 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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The Xerox Helvetica 300 font cartridge, part of the Mini-Pack Font Library for the Xerox 4045 printer, is not supported by the X4045.PRD or X4045DLP.PRD printer drivers. To provide support for the Helvetica 8 regular, Helvetica 10, Helvetica 10 Italic, and Helvetica 14 Bold fonts on this cartridge, you must modify the PRD file using the MAKEPRD utility provided with Word.

If you format text in a Word document for the Helvetica typeface and attempt to print the document without modifying the printer driver, you receive a “40” or “42” error code, and the text prints out in the Xerox 4045’s default font.


For more information on the MAKEPRD conversion utility, consult your “Microsoft Word Printer Information” manual.

To modify X4045.PRD or X4045DLP.PRD to support the Helvetica 300 cartridge, load the text file created by the MAKEPRD conversion utility into Word. Use the Search command to locate the first occurrence of the character string “Helvetica8i2-P”. This moves the cursor to the font-description information area for the Helvetica 8-point font. The following information appears on this line:

beginmod:0 “[+8Helvetica8i2-PJ^[8”

Delete the “i2” that appears after Helvetica8. The line should now read as follows:

beginmod:0 “[+8Helvetica8-PJ^[8”

Repeat these steps for the Helvetica 10, Helvetica 10 Italic, and Helvetica 14 Bold font-description information areas. These lines read as follows:

beginmod:0 “[+8Helvetica10i2-PJ^[8” beginItalicmod:0 “[+8Helvetica10Ii2-PJ^[8” beginBoldmod:0 “[+8Helvetica14Bi2-PJ^[8”

Save the edited file with the Transfer Save command, making sure that the “formatted:” field is set to No. Run the MAKEPRD conversion utility to convert the text file back into a PRD file, entering X4045CAR.PRD when prompted for the name of the PRD file. This process ensures that the original PRD file will not be overwritten.

To use the new PRD file, start Word and choose the Print Option command. With the highlight on the current selection of the “printer:” field, press the F1 key. Highlight the X4045CAR selection, and press ENTER.

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