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COBOL 3.00a Returns Error SYS0197 in OS/2 Protected Mode

PSS ID Number: Q40444 Article last modified on 06-05-1989

3.00a OS/2

Summary: When Microsoft COBOL Version 3.00a is invoked from the OS/2 protected-mode command line with the following: PCOBOL progname the following operating-system error may result: SYS0197: IBM Operating System/2 is not presently configured to run this application. To find more information on this error, type the following: HELP SYS0197 The information will inform you of the nature of the problem and give the following instructions for correcting it: 1. Edit the CONFIG.SYS file to contain the statement IOPL=YES. 2. Restart the system and try the command again.

More Information: When the CONFIG.SYS file contains IOPL=YES, this allows programs to have input/output privileges from MS OS/2 protected mode. This option is not required for COBOL Version 3.00 programs, but is required in Version 3.00a programs.

Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1989.