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Works 2.0: Header and Footer Formatting Instructions

PSS ID Number: Q38211 Article last modified on 06-10-1996



The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Works for the Macintosh, version 2.0


The following is a list of formatting instructions used in headers and footers. They are listed on pages 56 and 107 of the “Using Microsoft Works” manual:

Instruction Description ———– ———–

&L Align the characters that follow at the left margin. &C Center the characters that follow. &R Align the characters that follow at the right margin. &P Print the page number. &D Print the current date. &T Print the current time. &F Print the name of the document. &B Print the characters that follow in bold. &I Print the characters that follow in italic. && Print a single ampersand (&).


For example, after choosing Page Setup from the File menu in Works, type “&LTelephone Report&C&D&R&P” into the header text box. When printed, the header will have “Telephone Report” at the left margin, the current date will be centered, and the page number will be at the right margin.

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