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WPTOWP: Converting DCA/RFT Documents to Microsoft Works

PSS ID Number: Q37980 Article last modified on 06-12-1996

1.00 1.05 2.00



When converting DCA/RFT documents to Microsoft Works documents using the WPTOWP (Word Processor to Word Processor, or as it is commonly called, the Works Conversion Utility), certain features in DCA/RFT cannot be converted because they are not features of Works. The following DCA/RFT features will not convert successfully to Works:

  1. Word underlines (that is, the ability to underline individual words and not the spaces between those words) will convert to Works as normal underlines (that is, in which words and spaces between are underlined).
  2. Multiple headers and footers are not allowed in Works. Works allows only one header and one footer per document.
  3. There are no default tabs in DCA/RFT; instead, left tabs are set every one-half inch.

The WPTOWP conversion utility for Works 2.0 is available from various online services. For more information, query on the following words in the Microsoft Knowledge Base to find the article “Works 2.0 Files on the Software/Data Library”:

DW0078.EXE and S14786

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