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“Library Not Found” When Downloading Bitstream Fonts

PSS ID Number: Q37288 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




The “Library not found” message has been reported to appear after answering “Y” to the prompt “Enter Y to download fonts, N to skip, or ESC to cancel” when attempting to download Bitstream fonts.

In most cases reported, the Glyphix Font Generation package had been used to print with Word prior to using Fontware. Glyphix has a downloader named DOWN.EXE. Using Glyphix’s DOWN.EXE with Word, and files created by Fontware, generates the message “Library not found.”

Please note that this problem has been resolved in Word Version 5.00 because it no longer uses DOWN.EXE to download fonts to the printer.

As a workaround, recopy Word’s DOWN.EXE from Word’s Printer 1 disk (5.25-inch version) or Printer disk (3.5-inch version) into the subdirectory where the printer driver .DAT file and font files are stored. Delete any other instances of DOWN.EXE that may be in another subdirectory along the DOS Path.

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