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Formatting Cells for Dates and Times PSS ID Number: Q36041 Article last modified on 01-09-1989 PSS database name: D_MPlan




Version 4.00 of Multiplan formats dates and times differently than previous versions.

In earlier versions of Multiplan, there was a Format Time-Date command that enabled you to format dates. This is fully documented on Pages 309 through 313 of the “Microsoft Multiplan” manual; however, Version 4.00 of Multiplan no longer has a Format Time-Date command. Instead, dates and times are formatted using the Format Cells command.

There is a “format” field in the Format Cells command. To get a list of possible formats for dates and times, press any ARROW key in the “format” field. For further information about formatting dates and times, please refer to Pages A42 through A53 of the “Microsoft Multiplan Addendum”.

Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1989.