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Macro Ability to Embed Variables in Prompts

PSS ID Number: Q35847 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




Embedded variables in prompts can be done by inserting the variables in chevrons into the message, pause, set, or ask instruction. The following is an example:

<<set variable=? text<<thing>>more text>>

<<message text<<thing>>more text>>

<<pause text<<thing>>more text>>

Text strings in the instructions below do not have to be quoted. Variables embedded in the strings have to be surrounded by chevrons, as follows:

<<ask variable=?text>>

<<set variable=?text>>

<<message text>>

<<pause text>>

Text strings in the instructions below have to be quoted. Everything else is assumed to be a variable, as follows:

<<set variable="text">>

<<if variable op “text”">>

<<while variable op “text”>>

<<set result=len("text")>>

<<set result=mid("text",start,count)>>

<<set result=“text1” variable “text2”>>

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