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Macintosh QuickBASIC May Load Wrong or Unexpected File

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Article Last Modified on 11/21/2006

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In a certain situation, QuickBASIC may open an unexpected file.

If you sublaunch a compiled program with the "Launch After Compiling" option in QuickBASIC and the compiled program crashes with a system error or you restart the machine before the program quits, QuickBASIC will load the source file of the interrupted compiled program the next time you run QuickBASIC. The crashed program's source is loaded even if you double-click a different source file, or you just start QuickBASIC from the Finder. This process is surprising but harmless.

Before a compiled application is sublaunched, a file called "QuickBASIC Resume" is created in the System folder to remember which source file QuickBASIC was working with. When QuickBASIC is started (whether returning from a sublaunch or being launched from the finder), it looks for the "QuickBASIC Resume" file in the system folder. If the file is there, QuickBASIC opens the specified source file and deletes the "QuickBASIC Resume" file. If QuickBASIC can't find the "QuickBASIC Resume" file, it looks to see if a file was double-clicked in the Finder.


If the source file of the sublaunched, compiled, and crashed program was saved in Text format, it will load the next time you run either Microsoft QuickBASIC (b) or (d). Each version of QuickBASIC can read only it's own compressed format (binary or decimal). Thus, if you start the other version of QuickBASIC after the crash of a sublaunched program, and the file was saved as compressed, the file will not be loaded.

The "QuickBASIC Resume" file is created only when automatically sublaunching a newly compiled application. It is not created when you use the Sublaunch library routine in a program or the command window.

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