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Word 5.00: Background Pagination

PSS ID Number: Q35309 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




The following option was added to Word version 5.00 in the Options menu:

paginate:(Auto) Manual

When set to Auto, Word will paginate your document automatically in the background and display the page breaks as natural page breaks. Natural page breaks will also be inserted automatically when a page boundary is crossed while entering text.

The Print Repaginate feature will work as before. Even when pagination is automatic, Print Repaginate will force a repagination of the entire document, whether the confirm field is set to Yes or No.

The following operations will cause the page table to be invalidated for the whole document, which may cause repagination to start from page 1:

  1. Loading a nonpaginated document (or entering a new document in manual mode, then switching to auto)
  2. Loading a paginated document where the PRD name stored in the document doesn’t match the currently selected PRD in Print Options
  3. Loading a paginated document where the style sheet is more recent than the document itself
  4. Loading a pre-Word version 5.00 document, paginated or not
  5. Switching PRD files
  6. Changing or deleting a style in the attached style sheet
  7. Attaching a different style sheet (or detaching the current one)
  8. Toggling the “hidden text:” or “widow/orphan control:” option in the Print Options menu (repagination will take these fields into account)

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