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Comparisons between Microsoft COBOL 3.00, Realia, and Austec

PSS ID Number: Q34680 Article last modified on 11-10-1988

3.00 | 3.00 MS-DOS | OS/2

Summary: This article lists some of the features available in Microsoft COBOL Version 3.00 and, when applicable, notes that the feature is available in Microsoft COBOL Version 2.20, Realia COBOL Version 3.00, or Austec RM/COBOL (Ryan-McFarland COBOL) Version 3.00. Two benchmarks, which compare the above-mentioned COBOL versions, are also shown.

More Information: Feature in Microsoft COBOL Version 3.00 Other Vendors
1. Native-code compiler Realia 2. Huge-memory model none 3. 80286 compiler switch none 4. OS/2 compatibility none DLL capable none API.LIB included none BIND included none DOSCALLS.LIB included none 5. Certified ANSI 1985 High Austec RM/COBOL 85 Report writer module none Communications module none Debug module none Segmentation module Microsoft Version 2.20 6. Utilities MAKE none Incremental Link none Lib none EXE file compression none The benchmark results are as follows: Product ISAM Productivity Index Microsoft
Version 3.00 1455 551 Microsoft Version 2.20 5073 5 Realia Version 3.00 2287 386 Austec RM/COBOL Version 3.00 6703 20 The number in the ISAM benchmark is the number of seconds required to read and write 9000 sequential records and then to use random read and write for the same 9000 records. The Productivity Index is a US Steel benchmark that uses the 25-year-old 1460 IBM mainframe and its early COBOL compiler to produce a productivity index of 1. Higher productivity values are better.

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