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  • Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0 Standard Edition

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This article lists Microsoft Knowledge Base articles for problems that are fixed in Systems Management Server (SMS) 2.0 Service Pack 4 (SP4). SP4 is cumulative. This means that SP4 contains the fixes that are included with Service Pack 1 (SP1), Service Pack 2 (SP2), and Service Pack 3 (SP3).

Note that before you apply SP4, you must have either SP2 or SP3 applied. If you do not have SP2 or SP3 installed, you must install SP2 before you install SP4. For additional information about how to install SP2, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

236325 SMS: How to Obtain and Install Systems Management Server 2.0 Service Pack 2

For additional information about SP4, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

311457 SMS: How to Obtain and Install Systems Management Server 2.0 Service Pack 4


Fixes in SP4

For additional information about the problems that are fixed in SMS 2.0 SP4, click the article numbers below to view the articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

213173 SMS: Error When Using DISTINCT Keyword Inside Count Query in WQL

241982 SMS: Subst Command Locks Out SMSCliToknAcct& and SMSCCMBootAcct&

253994 SMS: Network Discovery Does Not Change "client=1" to "client=0" When SMS Client Is Uninstalled

261265 SMS: Files Are Not Removed by SMS Database Maintenance "Delete Aged Collected Files" Task

262824 SMS: A Program Runs Twice Because the SMS Wizard Displays the Program in Bold Even Though the Program Has Already Run

263402 SMS: Msiexec.exe Cannot Process an MSI File

264627 SMS: Video Acceleration and NetMeeting Cause Error Message

266232 SMS: Windows 95 Clients Hang When Remote Control Agent Is Installed

266712 SMS: Security Based on Global Groups Fails in Win 2000 Domains

269177 SMS: Calls to GetKeyboardType() May Not Work

270036 SMS: Multiple TCP/IP Addresses Cause Incorrect Discovery Data

271122 SMS: Users Are Unexpectedly Notified of an Advertised Program

273606 SMS: Slow Enumerating Large Numbers of Packages

275132 SMS: Large Hierarchy Causes High Processor Usage on Central Site

275617 SMS: Software Distribution to Stops Because Inbox Manager Cannot Remove the Inboxlck.tok File

276259 SMS: Send Requests Are Created with Blank Routing Instructions

278345 SMS: Competing Changes to SMSCliToknAcct During Clisvc Startup

278357 SMS: Adjusting the Sender's Retry Delay Can Cause Errors on Retry

278745 SMS: Site Component Manager Reinstalls Component Servers

278982 Server Discovery Does Not Keep a Local History of All Discovered Servers

279234 SMS: Case-Sensitive Sort Order May Affect Security Rights

279441 SMS: Hardware Inventory Is Rejected If Variable Ends with Backslash

279498 SMS: Sender Reschedules Send Request with No Instruction File

279788 SMS: Software Metering Client Agent Generates Access Violation

280083 SMS: Collections May Be Missing, Empty, or Partially Empty

280515 SMS: The Client.lkp File Is Not Updated

281107 SMS: Travel-Mode Clients May Lose Inventory or Not Run Advertisements

281754 SMS: Distribution Points Are Updated When You Open the Properties for a Package and Click OK or Apply

281930 SMS: ODP Schedule Times Are Reset to One-Hour Default

282403 SMS: Resources in Collections Appear Duplicated

282494 SMS: Courier Sender Does Not Work When Sent to Grandchild Site

287626 SMS: License Metering Client Tries to Log On to Server Multiple Time

288547 SMS: WMI Returns Win32_Share Instances Indefinitely

288567 SMS: Collection Evaluator Does Not Include Subcollection Data in the Collection Update File

289117 SQL Server Account Information Missing from Accounts Tab in SMS 2.0 SP2 Korean Version

289552 SMS: Hardware Inventory Agent Causes SMS Client to Hang

290789 SMS: Dr. Watson Error in Wbemsdk.exe

293487 SMS: Advertisements That Should Run at Next Logon May Not Run on Windows 95 or Windows 98

293844 SMS: Troubleshooting "Outstanding Devices In Our Presence" When You Run Network Discovery

294939 SMS: Advertisement Does Not Run and Generates a "No More Local Devices" Error Message

295058 SMS: Memory Leak During SMS_Advertisement Instance Enumeration

295084 SMS: Program Does Not Run if User Is Not Logged On

295309 SMS: Data Loader Hangs While Trying to Process MIF Files

295769 SMS: Slow DDR Processing with a Growing DDM Backlog

296159 SMS: Setting Permissions on Packages Using MOF Files May Not Work

296667 SMS: French SMS 2.0 SP3 Contains an Incorrect Colleval.dll File

296780 SMS: Program That Is Based on a Recurring Schedule Runs Multiple Times

296784 SMS: Collid.lkp File Is Corrupted on Secondary Sites

297522 SMS: Unpredictable Behavior of "Only When No User Logged On" Advertisements

297870 SMS: Status Message Flood from Child or Secondary Servers

298686 SMS: Resource Explorer Displays IP Addresses Not Subnet Masks

299261 SMS: "The Software Metering Server Is Not Running" Status Message 9406

300150 SMS: Remote Control Console Problems When You Use High Compression

301574 SMS: Context Menu Is Missing for Resources

302354 SMS: Hardware Inventory Logs Exception After Inventory on a Windows XP-Based Computer Finishes

302508 Duplicate Queries Appear in the Administrator Console

302535 SMS: Problems with Smsapm32.exe with No Distribution Points

302674 SMS: Advertisement Does Not Run with Unavailable Distribution Point

302836 SMS: You Cannot Increase the APM Polling Interval to More Than 1,440 Minutes

302967 SMS: Black Screen May Appear Instead of the Windows Logon Screen

303397 Cannot View Subcollections on Child Sites

303462 SMS: Access Violation in the SMS_OFFER_STATUS_SUMMARIZER Thread

303463 SMS: Memory Leak in SMS Performance Monitor Counters

303649 SMS: User and User Group Discovery Runs w/Site Component Manager

304381 SMS: SMS Executive Service Hangs During Startup

304961 SMS: Remote Client Installation on BDC Generates Error 1326

305151 SMS: Cannot Create Collection Based on Direct Rule Membership

306315 SMS: Deleted Aged Status Messages Can Leave Orphaned Database Entries

308271 How to Add Windows XP Professional as a Target Platform to SMS 2.0 SP3

308945 SMS: An Exception Is Created in the Wnremote.log File

310499 SMS: Cannot Install the SMS Client on Windows XP Home Edition

310505 SMS: An SMS SP3 ICP Upgrade May Damage a Secondary Site Installation

310508 SMS: Client May Not Accelerate When You Uninstall the Remote Control Feature

310577 SMS: Winmgmt May Cause Access Violation During Hardware Inventory

310615 SMS: Hardware Inventory from Japanese Clients Is Not Added to the SMS Database

311400 SMS: Problem with the Keyboard in a Remote Control Session

311279 SMS: Wuser32.exe Error Message When You Shut Down a Windows XP-Based SMS Client Computer

311467 SMS: Clients Do Not Download Large Excluded Programs Lists

315715 SMS: Cannot Reinstall Inventory Components on Windows XP

315718 SMS: Windows File Protection Message During Client Installation

315834 SMS: Remote Control Events Are Not Listed in the Security Event Log

318779 SMS: Programs May Run Again After You Apply the Software Distribution Hotfix

319864 SMS: Upgrade to SMS 2.0 SP4 Does Not Cause Inventory Resynchronizations

320743 SMS: Smsapm32 May Cause Programs to Run Unexpectedly or to Spin

Fixes in SP3

For additional information about what is fixed in SP3, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

280756 SMS: List of Bugs Fixed in Systems Management Server 2.0 Service Pack 3

Fixes in SP2

For additional information about what is fixed in SP2, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

258682 SMS: List of Bugs Fixed in Systems Management Server 2.0 Service Pack 2

Fixes in SP1

For additional information on what is fixed in Service Pack 1, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

235991 SMS: Systems Management Server 2.0 Service Pack 1 Fixlist

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