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Microsoft KB Archive/258682

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Article ID: 258682

Article Last Modified on 10/30/2006


  • Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0 Standard Edition

This article was previously published under Q258682


This article contains a list of articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base for bugs that are fixed in Systems Management Server (SMS) 2.0 Service Pack 2 (SP2). Service packs are cumulative. This means that the bugs fixed in a service pack are also fixed in subsequent service packs.

In addition to the bugs listed in the "More Information" section of this article, the latest service pack for SMS 2.0 fixes the problems listed in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:

235991 SMS: Systems Management Server 2.0 Service Pack 1 Fixlist

For additional information about obtaining the latest service pack for Systems Management Server 2.0, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

236325 How to Obtain the Latest Systems Management Server 2.0 Service Pack


Bugs Fixed in Service Pack 2

263700 SMS: Advertise Program Manager Unable to Launch Dependent Program When First Program Reports a Non-Zero Exit Code

263681 SMS: Microsoft Installer Application May Not Install Correctly When Using NT AutoLogon

263594 SMS: SMS 2.0 Fills Windows NT Registry to Capacity

263271 SMS: Queries May Not Be Saved in a New Query-Based Collection

262527 SMS: SMS Provider Does Not Always Use User Group Membership Cache

262342 SMS: Setup May Not Succeed When Upgrading During Table Indexing

262341 SMS: SMSClitoknAcct& Account Lockout When HINV Is Run

262049 SMS: Cannot Change Service Account Password for Earlier Secondary Site Servers

261254 SMS: APM Enters Endless Loop on Windows NT 3.51 Clients

260397 SMS: Program Does Not Run When System.lkp Is Busy

260395 SMS: Environment Variables May Not Work Properly in a Program Command Line

259702 SMS: Loss of Status Messages During Software Distribution

258162 SMS: High Number of SMS 1.2 Child Sites May Create Data Loader and Software Inventory Processor Backlogs

257862 SMS: Advertisement Creation Indicates a Program Is Disabled When It Is Not

257318 SMS: Advertisement .ofr Files Are Not Deleted on Secondary Site

257280 Advertisement Runs Multiple Times on Windows 95/98 Clients

257269 SMS: Client Configuration Manager Uses Multiple Domain Prefixes When it Tries to Install the Client

257224 SMS: Remote Control Reinstalled During Periodic Component Verification

257185 SMS: Client That Is Installed by Remote Installation Does Not Report Version Information

256963 SMS: Account Lockouts and Security Issues if Site Code Conflicts with Domain Name

256950 SMS: Cannot Schedule Crystal Report on Windows 2000 Server

256936 SMS: Showgrps Tool Added to Support.exe in Service Pack 2

256880 SMS: Package Routing Fails Distributing from Central Site to Grandchild Site

256615 SMS: Setup Time-Out Attempting to Create Indexes on Tables with Many Rows

256586 SMS: Backup May Delete Contents of Target Folder

256291 SMS: Mandatory Advertisements That Require a User to Be Logged On May Not Run

256212 SMS: Software Metering Client Agent Can Lock Out Domain User Account

256211 SMS: Smsapm32.exe Does Not Stop When the Client Agent Is Upgraded

256207 SMS: SQL Account Problems Prevent Clients from Receiving Advertisements

256125 SMS: Status Message Not Generated When Client Base Components Are Upgraded

256123 SMS: SMSLogonSvc Account May Not Remain Unlocked If Password Is Changed Manually

256048 SMS: Error Message When Adding User or Group Name to Permitted Viewers List

255820 SMS: SMS_NT_Logon_Server_Manager Component Is Now Multithreaded

253151 SMS: Systems Management Server 2.0 Dependency Package Contents

252425 SMS: Discovered Clients Not Installed By Windows NT Remote Installation

252415 SMS: ICP1: Accelerated Remote Control Clients Lose Acceleration After Upgrade to SP1

251164 SMS: Changing Time Zone Recopies Three Core SMS Client Files

251070 SMS: Copylog.tcf File Does Not Reflect Which Site Last Updated the Logon Point

250992 SMS: SMS Provider Hangs Under Stress from Multiple Administrator Consoles

250850 SMS: Systems Management Server 2.0 SP1 Server Hotfix Bundle

249590 SMS: Parent Is Unable to Update Site Property Comments After a Primary Site Is Restored

249588 SMS: After Child Site Is Restored, Package from Parent Causes Arithmetic Problems for SQL at Child Site

249582 SMS: "Primary Key Violation" Error Message When Processing DDRs

249333 SMS: Logon Server Manager Performs a Full Work Cycle on Each SMS Executive Restart

249331 SMS: Advertisements Are Received by Clients Outside of Targeted Collection

249179 SMS: Delays in Displaying Distribution Points in SMS 2.0 Site

249077 SMS: SP1: Copylog.tcf File Does Not Reflect Which Site Last Updated the Logon Point

248969 SMS: Sinvproc Leaves Zero-Byte Files in the BADSINV Folder

248880 SMS: "SMSCliToknAcct&" Account Accesses Network from Computers with Compaq's Auddrive.sys Driver Installed

248367 SMSINST: Repackager Hangs on Windows 98/95-Based Computer When the Package Requires A Reboot

248362 SMS: Windows 95/98 Client Hangs During Hardware Inventory

248150 SMS: Package Status Inaccurate in Three-Tier Hierarchy

247955 SMS: Wuser32.exe Does Not Shut Down Upon Client Shutdown

247896 Setup May Not Install All Components If Time Synchronization Service Is Running

247543 SMS: Clients Incorrectly Assigned to Multiple Sites

247484 SMS: Advertisement with Future Date May Run Immediately

247230 SMS: Multiple Advertisements to the Same Program or Package Do Not Receive Run Status

246949 SMS: APM Generates Corrupted .svf Files and Offer Status Summarizer Reports SQL Error 105

246785 SMS: SMSExec Components Report SQL Error Messages Due to a Lack of Free SQL Connections

246759 SMS: Cannot Create Client Connection Accounts in Administrator Console

246749 SMS: Status Messages in Futureq Folder Are Not Processed

246651 SMS: Package Resent Continuously If Distribution Schedule Set to None

246583 SMS: Remote Control Does Not Work in Master Domain Model Using Global Groups

246527 SMS: Systems Management Server 2.0 Service Pack 1 Client Hotfix

246433 SMS: How to Disable Remote Control Acceleration on Selected Client Computers

246090 SMS: Excessive LSASS CPU Usage with Multiple SMS Sites in the Same Domain

245649 SMS: License Server Manager Causes Full Synchronization Requests

245580 SMS: Post-SP1 Installation Method Causes Client Connection Account Lockouts on Secondary Site

245579 SMS: Secondary Site Does Not Decompress Package

245523 SMS: Backlog of .ct2 Files on Central Site in a Large SMS Hierarchy

245321 SMS: "Stop 0x0000000A" with SMS Remote Control Installed

245228 SMS: Liccli95.exe May Hang Windows 95/98 Clients

245170 SMS: Missing or Damaged Offer File May Prevent Client From Running Advertisements

245169 SMS: DDM May Stop Unexpectedly During Site Attachment Processing at Parent Site

245101 SMS: Logon Server Manager Is Case Sensitive When Comparing Domain Names

245051 SMS: Updated Collection Files Go to Every Child Site When a New Child Site Is Added

244633 SMS: Site Status Node is Slow

244630 SMS: Site Status Node May Take a Long Time to Open

244409 SMS: Access Account Security on Distribution Points May Be Applied Incorrectly in a Multiple-Domain Environment

244405 SMS: Distribution Manager May Not Remove Compressed Package at Child Sites

244241 SMS: Advertised Program Message Never Appears If Windows 95 Client Is Not Logged On When Package Is Sent

244157 SMS: Preferred Server Selection Does Not Work as Expected in NDS Environment

244034 SMS: Windows 95/98 Clients Hang Opening E-mail Attachments or Associated Files

243681 SMS: Copy-Queue Causes "Not Logged in" Requests on NetWare Servers

243326 SMS: Browsing for Package Definition Files Requires Site Modify Permissions

243189 SMS: %SMS_LOCAL_DIR%\MS\CORE\BIN Added to Path Multiple Times

243179 SMS: Sinvproc Log Error Message: Delete Zero Length File Failed

243171 SMS: Advertisements Are Received by Clients Outside the Targeted Collection

242965 SMS: Collection Based on Query May Display Incorrect Results

242963 SMS: Slow Enumeration of Existing Collections

242951 Software Inventory Does Not Clean Up Orphan Records in Database

242926 SMS: Duplicate Client Configuration Request Stream in

242924 SMS: Client Installation Problems When Using the SMS_LOCAL_DIR Variable

242498 SMS: Component Status Summarizer Has Performance Problems in Large Hierarchies

242496 SMS: Advertisement and Site System Status Summarizers Have Performance Problems in Large Hierarchies

242492 SMS: Logon Server Manager Can Deinstall Domain When PDC Connectivity Is Lost

242490 SMS: DistMgr Package Removal Does Not Work If Package Share Is Not Empty

242477 SMS: Login Script Support (Bootstrap) Files Not Copied After Applying SP1

242421 SMS: Offer Summarizer May Process .sum Files Out of Order

242356 Remote Control Logging Does Not Work in SMS 2.0 SP1

242011 SMS: APM Does Not Install Software on BDCs Using a Software Installation Account

241734 SMS: MMC Stack Overflow in User Security Wizard

241419 SMS Executive Causes Access Violation When Processing Prochist.dat File

241279 SMS: Client Incorrectly Reported as Not Installed in the Administrator Console

240980 SMS: Smscfg.cpl May Not Be Loaded with More Than 20 Network Adapters

240921 SMS: Smsapm32 May Consume 100 Percent CPU Time on Windows NT SMS Clients

240783 SMS Installer Does Not Repackage Large MULTI-SZ Registry Values Properly

240250 Migration from SMS 1.2 to 2.0 Uninstalls LANDesk Remote Control Files

240158 SMS: Logon Server Manager Performs Too Many Work Cycles

240155 SMS: MMC Security Rights Do Not Work If User Belongs to More Than 64 Global Groups

240056 SMS: Forced Sites Registry Key Entry Causes Multiple Errors


239590 SMS: SMSCliToknAcct Connection Attempts to Mapped Drives in Path

239564 SMS: Client Components Reinstalled During Periodic Verification

239136 SMS: Repairing RC Agent Overwrites Custom Viewers List

239130 SMS: 32-Bit Package Does Not Remove Duplicate Registry Entries

238762 SMS: Software Inventory Creation Date Is Incorrect in SMS Database

238633 SMS: Unable to Create Collection Based on Direct Rule Membership

238371 SMS: Network Discovery Causes GPF When Polling DHCP Servers

238302 SMS: Logon Points Are Not Removed Correctly

238250 SMS: SMSCliSvcAcct& May Be Used When Netware Redirector Is Installed

238144 Client Installation Corrupts Path Statement in Autoexec.bat

237752 SMS: Client Discovery Does Not Enumerate over 25 Netcards

237330 SMS: Advertisements Are Sent with Wrong Priority

236596 SMS: Optional Client Component Installation May Fail After Applying SMS 2.0 SP1 to a Site in One Domain-Multi Site Model

235820 SMS: Programs Advertised to User Collections Are Executed by Non Members

235808 SMS: Smsapm32.exe May Report Status Incorrectly If Package Starts Another Instance

235637 SMS: Remote Control Agent Is Uninstalled on Windows NT Clients

235205 SMS: Advertised Program Does Not Run with 10003 Status Message

235169 SMS: How to Reduce SMS Accounts Required for Installation on Large Windows NT Domains

234262 SMS: Linking a Query to a Collection Membership Rule May Not Work

234162 SMS: Remote Control May Not Work If User Name Contains a Space and the "Prompt for Permission" Dialog Box Is Used

232653 SMS: SMSCliToknAcct& Locked Out When Hardware Inventory Is Enabled

231230 SMS: Canned Queries Do Not Complete

231227 Credentials Request Does Not Succeed with Large Permitted Viewers List

212937 SMS: LAN Sender and Scheduler Continually Try to Connect to a Deleted Child Site

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