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Article Last Modified on 10/28/2006


  • Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Standard Edition

This article was previously published under Q256032


This article lists the article numbers for the Exchange Server version 5.5 Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes, Exchange Connector for SNADS, Exchange Connector for IBM OfficeVision/VM (PROFS), and Exchange Connector for Novell GroupWise bugs that were fixed after Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 3 (SP3) was released. For information about how to obtain the fixes listed in this article, click the article number next to the title of the article about that issue to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

NOTE: Exchange Server fixes for a particular component are cumulative and contain all of the previous fixes for that component. Fixes with a particular version number contain all of the fixes that have an earlier version number.


Exchange Server connector fixes include the following files:

File name Current version
Ctreestd.dll 5.5.2651.86
Dispatch.exe 5.5.2651.86
Dxagwise.dll 5.5.2652.0
Dxamex.dll 5.5.2652.0
Dxanotes.dll 5.5.2652.0
Exconmsg.dll 5.5.2651.86
Gw2mex.exe 5.5.2652.0
Gwhc.dll 5.5.2652.0
Gwrouter.exe 5.5.2651.83
Lscms.dll 5.5.2652.0
Lsdiamex.exe 5.5.2652.0
Lsdxa.exe 5.5.2652.0
Lsldew.dll 5.5.2652.0
Lsmexdia.exe 5.5.2652.0
Lsmexhc.dll 5.5.2652.0
Lsmexif.dll 5.5.2652.0
Lsmexin.exe 5.5.2652.0
Lsmexnts.exe 5.5.2652.0
Lsntshc.dll 5.5.2652.0
Lsntsmex.exe 5.5.2652.0
Lsqview.dll 5.5.2651.86
Lsvmdia.exe 5.5.2652.0
Lsvmhc.dll 5.5.2652.0
Lsxfm.dll 5.5.2652.0
Mex2gw.exe 5.5.2652.0
Ntsperf.dll 5.5.2651.86
Ntspxgen.dll 5.5.2651.86

Fixes Released on April 12, 2000

The following files are modified:

  • Gwrouter.exe added and incremented to version 5.5.2651.83
  • Lsxfm.dll added and incremented to 5.5.2652.0
  • Dxagwise.dll, Dxamex.dll, Dxanotes.dll, Gw2mex.exe, Gwhc.dll, Lscms.dll, Lsdiamex.exe, Lsdxa.exe, Lsldew.dll, Lsmexdia.exe, Lsmexhc.dll, Lsmexif.dll, Lsmexin.exe, Lsmexnts.exe, Lsntshc.dll, Lsntsmex.exe, Lsvmdia.exe, Lsvmhc.dll, and Mex2gw.exe incremented to 5.5.2652.0

The following fixes are included:

254916 XFOR: Line Is Overwritten When Sending Files to an Exchange Server Recipient by Using Exchange PROFS Connector

Fixes Released on March 7, 2000

NOTE: The Gwrouter.exe and Lsxfm.dll files are not included with these fixes. These files are added later.

The following files are modified:

  • All files incremented to version 5.5.2651.86

The following fixes are included:

236601 XADM: Notes Proxy Address Generation Fails on Some Eastern Extended Characters
238487 XCON: Exchange Notes Connector May Stop Responding with Bad SMTP Address
240236 XFOR: Ctkeepdays Only Works with a Value of 1 or 7
240913 XFOR: PROFS AT Command Fails When Forwarding Meeting Requests
241086 XFOR: GroupWise Directory Synchronization Update Does Not Create Objects in GroupWise
241213 XFOR: Possible Message Looping with the SNADS/PROFS/GroupWise/Notes Connectors
242384 XFOR: DBCS Message Sent Through Notes Connector Is Not Displayed Properly
244129 XFOR: Notes Connector Rejects Incoming Messages with the Apostrophe (') Character in the SMTP Address
244467 XFOR: GroupWise Delivery Receipt Does Not Work on Long Orig-Msg-ID Attribute
245458 XCON: Notes Delegate Cannot See Meetings from Outlook User
246385 XFOR: Directory Entries Not Imported From Novell GroupWise
246434 XFOR: Internet Messages from Lotus Notes to Exchange Server Need Address Format of SMTP_ADDRESS@DOMAIN
247182 XFOR: Exchange Notes Connector Directory Synchronization Deletes the Custom Recipients Propagated by Linkage Directory Exchange
248056 XCON Bad NDR or DR with no intended recipient stops Notes Connector
248383 XFOR: Notes R5 Recipient Cannot Reply to SMTP Message Sent Through Internet Mail Service or SMTP Connector
248664 XFOR: Cannot Reply All to SMTP Reply Received from Notes R5 User
249112 XFOR: Filter Rule Is Ignored by Directory Synchronization Process and All Notes Users Without Domain Name Are Synchronized to Exchange Server
249113 XFOR: Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes Extracts Filter Rule Incorrectly
249861 XCON: Microsoft Exchange Connector for Novell GroupWise Does Not Process Non-Delivery Report for Message with Long Subject
249878 XFOR: Notes Dirsync Does Not Catch All Changes While Using Mapping Rules
249884 XFOR: Last Name Is Truncated by Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes Directory Synchronization Process
250342 XFOR: SNADS Connector Causes Host To Abend During Directory Synchronization
250400 XFOR: DXANOTES Writes Mail Server Data to the Personal Document of the Target Address
250450 XFOR: Using Notes Document Type Cause Address Books to Reload
250671 XFOR: Notes Group Type Attribute Does Not Synchronize to Exchange Server Directory
251049 XFOR: Lotus Notes Directory Synchronization Allows Specification of Read Only Field for Selected Attributes
252689 XCON: Extended Characters in Attachment Names Are Mishandled by Exchange Connector for Novell GroupWise
252819 XFOR: Read Receipt from cc:Mail Loses Content
253011 XFOR: Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes Does Not Use the StartDate Property
253029 XFOR: Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes to Support Attachments Inside Embedded Messages
253261 XFOR: Large Temporary Proxy Address Tables Become Corrupted and CTCleanup Procedure Cannot Clean up Tables
253347 XCON: Comments File in Gw2mexa Folder Stops Calendar Items from Being Sent to Exchange Server
253348 XCON: Exchange Server Cannot Reply All to Notes Recipients that Only Have a Last Name and No Notes Proxy Address
253349 XCON: Response Files from GroupWise Are Put in Badfiles Folder
253350 XCON: Perflib Module Reports that the Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes Performance Monitor Will Not Return Data on Windows 2000 Server
253712 XFOR: Problems with Attachments Sent over the Exchange Notes Connector
253867 XFOR: URL Links Not Active When HTML Message Routed to Notes
254064 XFOR: Exchange Connector for SNADS Delivery Receipt Does Not Work in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 2 and Service Pack 3
254540 XCON: GroupWise Router Has Trouble with Multiple Messages with Same Attachment Name

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