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= <span id="KB255694"></span>PRB: MSDN Library January 2000 Setup Reports &quot;Not Enough Disk Space&quot; =
= <span id="KB255694"></span>PRB: MSDN Library January 2000 Setup Reports "Not Enough Disk Space" =

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PRB: MSDN Library January 2000 Setup Reports "Not Enough Disk Space"

Article ID: 255694

Article Last Modified on 5/5/2001


  • MSDN 2000

This article was previously published under Q255694


MSDN Library January 2000 Setup fails during a full installation, displaying the following error message:

Drive out of space: There is not enough disk space to complete installation. You can change your installation options or exit Setup.

However, the available disk space that Setup reports is greater than the required disk space. The only option available is click OK to exit setup.


Even though there is enough disk space available for the full installation, Setup incorrectly calculates the disk space and cannot continue.


It is important to verify that you are having this problem with the January 2000 MSDN Library. If you are getting a similar out-of-space error with a previous or later version of the MSDN Library, the resolution is to click the Install Now button. The January 2000 Library does not have the Install Now button available, so you must take the following steps:

  1. During MSDN Library January 2000 Setup, choose a custom installation.
  2. From the list of available topics, select what you want to install but do not select Full Text Search.
  3. Once the MSDN Library has successfully installed, manually launch Setup.exe on CD-ROM 1 of the MSDN Library.
  4. Select Add/Remove Components, and then add the Full Text Search option.

This two-part process is equivalent to the Full Install option.


For most computers, the January 2000 MSDN Library Setup correctly calculates the disk space for a full installation. This problem has only been seen on computers running Windows NT 4.0 computers with 4-GB NTFS primary partition.

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