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INF: /Zi and /Zd Options PSS ID Number: Q25311 Article last modified on 02-11-1992 PSS database name: S_QuickC

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SYMPTOMS The documentation of /Zi and /Zd options (Section 9.3.8 of the “Microsoft QuickC Programmer’s Guide”) seems to imply that when you use the /Zd option it will tell the linker to emit the /CO and /LI options to the linker. However, the /Zd option only passes the /LI option to the linker.

RESOLUTION The /Zd option tells the linker to pass /LI, but not /CO. If you want the /Zd option to pass to the linker automatically, you must add the /CO option to LDFLAGS in your MAKE file.

The LDFLAGS macro specifies the linker options and is automatically included on the LINK command line in the program’s .MAK file. The linker options you specify are used each time you recompile and relink the modules in the program list, until you change the value of LDFLAGS in the .MAK file.

Additional reference words: switches 1.00 2.00

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