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INFO: Verify Hardware and Software Compatibility with Windows 2000 Before Installation (Readiness Analyzer)

ID: Q252329

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional


When you upgrade to Windows 2000, Microsoft recommends that you use the Windows 2000 Readiness Analyzer tool. Do this first to verify that both the software and the hardware on the target system are compatible with the new operating system, and to minimize the risk of problematic device drivers and application dysfunction.


The Windows 2000 Readiness Analyzer tool compares the devices and applications on the target system against a list of known issues, and then reports potentially incompatible hardware devices, device drivers, and software applications.

The Windows 2000 Readiness Analyzer tool is available in a free, fully supported version by download (2.6 MB):

Please read this first, before you download the Windows 2000 Readiness Analyzer tool:

The tool is also on the installation CD-ROM. Start the tool by running the Winnt32 command with the "checkupgradeonly" option, as follows:

WINNT32.exe /checkupgradeonly

After running the tool, a dialog box is displayed with the results:

"....found no problems or incompatibilities"

NOTE: The list of potential issues reported by the Readiness Analyzer tool is based on Microsoft and third-party testing, but is not exhaustive (for example, Microsoft did not focus on extensively testing games or entertainment software). Also, the Readiness Analyzer is fairly thorough, but results may not be 100 percent accurate in all cases. Some hardware and software that the program determines to be incompatible may actually work with Windows 2000. The reverse may also be true in some cases.

If there are any concerns about device or application compatibility, Microsoft recommends contacting the hardware or software vendor directly to verify compatibility status.

For more information, please see the following Web site:


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For additional information, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

Q250880 Description of the Windows 2000 Readiness Analyzer

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