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HOW TO: Return Multiple Columns in a DTS Lookup Query

Article ID: 249236

Article Last Modified on 1/14/2004


  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 64-bit Edition
  • Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Standard Edition

This article was previously published under Q249236



With the Data Transformation Services (DTS) Lookup object, you can retrieve data from locations other than the immediate source. A query and a connection is associated with the lookup. If the query returns more than a single column, the Lookup object returns the results in a zero-based array.

The following sample code demonstrates how to execute a multiple-column lookup, to retrieve the values for each column that is returned into variables, and then to use those variables in the transformation. The sample is based on the authors table in the pubs database and it uses the au_id column to look up and to return the au_lname and au_fname columns.

The Lookup query is named "Two Column Lookup" and it is defined as:

SELECT au_lname, au_fname
FROM authors
WHERE au_id = ?

The transformation is defined as:

Function Main()
    DTSDestination("au_id") = DTSSource("au_id")
    astrName = DTSLookups("Two Column Lookup").Execute(DTSSource("au_id"))
    strLastName = astrName(0)
    strFirstname = astrName(1)
    DTSDestination("au_lname") = strLastName
    DTSDestination("au_fname") = strFirstname
    DTSDestination("phone") = DTSSource("phone")
    DTSDestination("address") = DTSSource("address")
    DTSDestination("city") = DTSSource("city")
    DTSDestination("state") = DTSSource("state")
    DTSDestination("zip") = DTSSource("zip")
    DTSDestination("contract") = DTSSource("contract")
    Main = DTSTransformStat_OK
End Function

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