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Gtwy: AT&T Mail Gateway to Microsoft Mail for PC Networks Version 5.0 Supported by AT&T

Article ID: 249142

Article Last Modified on 2/21/2007


  • Microsoft Mail for PC Networks 3.5, when used with:
    • Microsoft Mail Software Development Kit 3.2
    • Microsoft Mail Gateways 3.x

This article was previously published under Q249142


The AT&T Mail Gateway to Microsoft Mail for PC Networks version 5.0 was released after February 25, 1999 by AT&T. AT&T supports this gateway, but Microsoft does not. Microsoft does, however, support the Microsoft Access component that is used with this gateway to enable the SMTP address type and to enable messages to be written to the outgoing SMTP mailbag. The AT&T software reads outgoing messages from the outgoing SMTP mailbag and properly writes incoming messages to the Inqueue3.mbg file of the MS Mail (PC) postoffice.


If an outgoing message is displayed correctly in the SMTP queue of the Admin.exe program, the message can generally be read by the AT&T Mail Gateway to MS Mail (PC) version 5.0 software.
The information for this article was obtained from the following AT&T Web site:

The AT&T Mail Gateway to MS Mail (PC) version 5.0 can be downloaded from the AT&T Web site as well.

The following table contains a list of AT&T Mail Customer Assistance Center numbers.

United States 1-800-242-6005 (Account Registration)
1-800-624-5672 (Product Support)
Argentina 541-348-5800
Bermuda 1-809-295-4777
Brazil 5561-349-2100 (Brasilia)
5511-210-3211 (Sao Paulo)
Canada 1-800-567-4671
Chile 562-225-4663
Columbia 571-616-6066, 9055, 0681
Dominican Republic 1-809-220-5115
Guatemala 5022-31-1391
Mexico 525-227-7399
Panama 507-264-2444
Paraguay 59521-20-8290
Peru 511-441-1319
Uruguay 5982-92-0127
Venezuela 582-242-5144, 5122
Other countries/regions in the Americas Region +1-201-331-4400
Australia 61-2-913-1357
New Zealand 61-2-913-1357
Hong Kong 852-2-511-5828
Macau 852-2-511-5828
Japan 0120-34-1111 (Free Dial)
Republic Of Korea 82-2-775-2051
People's Republic of China 86-10-522-5566 ext. 3020 (Beijing)
86-21-219-0468 ext. 330 (Shanghai)
Philippines 63-2-895-2769 or 2527
Taiwan 886-2-365-7679
Other countries/regions in the Asia and Pacific Region: +852-2-511-5828
Egypt 20-2-344-2085
France 33-47-67-4776
Germany 49-69-153-06240
Hungary 361-160-2497
Israel 972-3-543-3777
Italy 39-2-8646-9075
Lebanon 961-1-886-051
Russia 70-95-229-7846
United Kingdom 44-171-537-4370
Other countries/regions in the Europe, Africa, and Middle East Region 32-2-676-3737

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