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Meaning of the Linedraw Flag

PSS ID Number: Q24885 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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The linedraw flag in the header section of a printer driver tells you which font the line draw font is.

The linedraw flag is stored in one byte (bits 0-7). The first 0-5 bits store the font number (0-63). If the value of the linedraw flag is within this range, the characters used to draw a line with the Format Border command are taken directly from the numbered font.

The sixth and seventh bits indicate that a line is drawn using the vertical bar hyphen method, based upon the following guidelines:

  1. If only the sixth bit is set, Word assumes the vertical bar character does not have a hole in the middle (as in the pipe character) and uses line spacing to line up the edges.
  2. If both the sixth and seventh bits are set, Word uses overlapping to account for the hole in the vertical bar character.

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