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Configure Scripts and Porting: Using Config.guess Script to Guess the Host in INTERIX Systems

Article ID: 246375

Article Last Modified on 10/30/2006


  • Microsoft Interix 2.2 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Interix 2.2 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Interix 2.2 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Interix 2.2 Standard Edition

This article was previously published under Q246375


This article describes the Config.guess script, which is used to guess the host in INTERIX systems.


Some packages and configuration scripts require the name of the host system. Config.guess is the script used to determine the name of the host. When Config.guess fails, you can still supply the host name to the configure script with the --host option. If you need to update the Config.guess script, the following addition allows it to identify INTERIX systems.

In the ong case statement examining the output of the uname command, add a block:

*:Windows:NT:*:SP*) case ${UNAME_MACHINE} in Alpha*) echo alpha-pc-opennt;; *) echo intel-pc-opennt;; esac exit 0;;

  • Currently there is no difference between building for the Alpha and for the Intel versions of INTERIX; the names are provided here for the future, when cross-compilation may be possible.
  • This test will distinguish between a Microsoft Windows NT computer running the MKS Toolkit and an INTERIX computer. This has not been checked against the output of the Cygnus Win32 uname utility. The host-specific code of the software package will have to be written or ported by you, since the package was not written with INTERIX in mind.

For additional information about configuring scripts with INTERIX, see

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