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  • Microsoft Message Queuing 2.0
  • Microsoft Message Queue Server 1.0

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The IsTransactional property of a Microsoft Message Queuing queue MSMQQueueInfo object returns an Integer result rather than a Boolean. IsTransactional property returns a 1 if the queue is transactional and a 0 if it is not. This can cause logic errors in a Visual Basic (VB) program if the property is used in the expression portion of an If, While, or similar conditional statement.

When a numeric value is used in a condition statement in VB, 0 is evaluated as false and all non-zero values are evaluated as true. The Not operator in VB inverts the bits of a value when used on a numeric value. The expression "Not 1" produces the result "-2" which is considered a "true" value in a VB condition statement.

Since VB evaluates both "1" and "Not 1" as true statements, if a queue is open both "queueinfo.IsTransactional" and "Not queueinfo.IsTransactional" evaluates true. In the following example code, if the queue is transactional both message boxes appear:

If queueinfo.IsTransactional Then
   MsgBox "The queue is transactional."
End If

If Not queueinfo.IsTransactional Then
   MsgBox "The queue is not transactional."
End If


There are two possible workarounds for the problem:

  1. Explicitly test the value of the IsTransactional property against 0 and 1. A value of 1 indicates that the queue is transactional, a value of 0 indicates that the queue is not transactional. An example of this test is shown in the following code:

    If MSMQQueueInfoObject.IsTransactional = 1 Then
       MsgBox "The queue is transactional."
    End If
    If MSMQQueueInfoObject.IsTransactional = 0 Then
       MsgBox "The queue is not transactional."
    End If
  2. Avoid "negative" tests that use the Not operator with the IsTransactional property.


It is safe to test explicitly for the 1 and 0 values. These values will not be changed in any future version of Microsoft Message Queuing and will remain consistent. Future versions of the Microsoft Message Queuing ActiveX components may add a property that may be evaluated as a true Boolean type for testing this characteristic.


The MSDN Online help describes the return values for the IsTransactional property as follows:


Return Values
      The queue is only used in transactions. 
      The queue is not used in transactions.


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