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Article Last Modified on 11/15/2002


  • Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0 Standard Edition

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This article contains a list of the fixes included in Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0 Service Pack 1. (SP1)

SP1 Requirements

Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4 or later must be installed before installing Proxy Server 2.0 SP1. For information about obtaining the latest service pack for Windows NT 4.0 and Windows NT Server, Terminal Server Edition, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

152734 How to Obtain the Latest Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack

Proxy Server 2.0 SP1 supercedes the Proxy 2.0 Combined Hotfix. It is not necessary to install the Proxy 2.0 Combined Hotfix after Proxy Server 2.0 SP1 has been applied. For more information about the Proxy 2.0 Combined Hotfix, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

190997 Proxy Server 2.0 Combined Hotfix Information and List of Fixes


The articles listed below contain more information about issues that are resolved by Proxy Server 2.0 SP1. This service pack contains an uninstall feature that you can use to restore your system to its previous state. This service pack requires a reboot upon completion of installation.

Article ID Title
176922 Multiple IP Addresses Cause Dynamic Packet Filter to Fail
176958 Socks Port Number Always Shows as Zero (0) in Permission List
177154 Access Control Causes Reverse Proxy to Fail
177906 Caching Does Not Work Under Reverse Proxying
183283 IE via Proxy to IIS May Stop on Page with scripts
183749 Access Violation in INETINFO:TerminateExtension
183755 More Than One Internal IP with Socks Enabled Causes Dr. Watson
191414 Delayed Response to HTTPS Requests w/ Proxy 2.0 over IIS 4.0
196444 ODBC Error: The DSN May Be Incorrect
222948 Cannot Download Large Files Using Proxy Server Combined Hotfix
225342 Err Msg: The Specified Method Is Not Supported
228540 Proxy Server Fix: Msplog.dll Changed to Record 4 Digit Year
228721 Proxy Server Forwards Requests When Part of a Web Proxy Chain
228837 Access Violation When Using Aventail Connect with SOCKS Proxy
231050 Proxy Server 2.0 Log Records May Contain Unsafe Characters
233285 Files Are Not Posted Using FTP "PUT" Command through SOCKS Proxy
238572 FTP request through web proxy fails if file has no extension
238580 Active cache stops working after 10 name resolution failures
238803 Web Proxy Causes AV Allocating Large Block on Computer 1GB RAM
238808 Socks Doesn't Log Connection Until Connection Is Closed
239495 Proxy User May Receive Old Data from a Web Site
239086 Proxy Can't Detect Local IP Range If Windows NT SP4 Is Installed

The following files are updated on Intel platforms:

Date Size (bytes) Name
06-01-1999 141,072 Mspadmin.exe
06-01-1999 58,128 Msphlpr.dll
06-01-1999 43,280 W3pcache.dll
06-01-1999 189,712 W3proxy.dll
06-01-1999 96,528 Wspsrv.exe
06-01-1999 121,104 Mspapi.dll
10-01-98 325,392 Mspui.dll
06-01-1999 62,224 Msplog.dll

The following files are updated on Alpha platforms:

Date Size (bytes) Name
06-01-1999 228,112 Mspadmin.exe
06-01-1999 96,016 Msphlpr.dll
06-01-1999 69,904 W3pcache.dll
06-01-1999 305,424 W3proxy.dll
06-01-1999 172,816 Wspsrv.exe
06-01-1999 173,328 Mspapi.dll
10-01-98 491,280 Mspui.dll
06-01-1999 103,184 Msplog.dll

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