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Microsoft KB Archive/236364

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SNA Server 4.0 Service Pack 3 Fix List

Article ID: 236364

Article Last Modified on 8/19/2004


  • Microsoft SNA Server 4.0 Service Pack 3

This article was previously published under Q236364


This article contains a current list of article numbers for problems that were fixed in SNA Server 4.0 Service Pack 3. Use the Qxxxxxx number that precedes the title of the fix to query the Microsoft Knowledge Base to find an article about that bug.

To find an up-to-date list of articles about SNA Server 4.0 Service Pack 3, search the Microsoft Knowledge Base by using the keyword sna4sp3.

NOTE: SNA Server service packs are cumulative and contain all fixes included in earlier service packs. For example, SNA Server 4.0 Service Pack 3 contains all fixes included in SNA Server 4.0 Service Pack 1 and 2. You do not need to install an earlier service pack before you install SNA Server 4.0 Service Pack 3.

For information about fixes included in earlier SNA Server 4.0 service packs, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

188070 List of Bugs Fixed in SNA Server 4.0 Service Packs 1 and 2


194935 Printing from S/36 or AS/36 Fails when Using Host Print Server
197903 Access Violation in SNASERVR!SNPUGETI if Invalid Frame Received
198180 Unable to Correlate SLI_OPEN Request With SLI BIND Routine
198398 Access Violation in Snalink.exe Activating Numerous Connections
214430 Multihomed SNA NT Client Can't Find Local Server over IP
214491 SNA Server Access Violation in Function S1PWHSES()
214571 Duplicate Remote APPC LUs Can Be Created On A Connection
214614 APPC Application Works on SNA 2.11, Fails on SNA 4.0
214656 Absolute Horizontal Move Command Handled Incorrectly if PDT Used
216047 Activating Numerous DLC Connections Results in Inactive LUs
216123 Print Jobs May Not Finish Printing if Host Sends SHUTD
216454 Print Jobs Formatted Incorrectly If Using "No Line Formatting"
216558 Recycling Server Causes Invalid RPC Binding for Host Security
216711 After SDLC Outage, SNA Server Takes 5-10 Seconds to Recover
216713 SNA Server Access Violation in S1PXSND, Using Persistent Verification
218107 SNA Server 4.0 SP2 Requires Internet Explorer 3.02 or Later
218165 WAPPC32 Ignores User ID Provided By APPC App On Consecutive Allocate Requests
218170 APPC Application Receives AP_ALLOCATION_FAILURE_RETRY In Error.
218173 COMTI [MC_]ALLOCATE Hangs After Host Rejects SNA Server BIND Request
218178 Access Violation in SNASERVR!SNPUGETC if Invalid Formatted GDS Variable Received
220886 Active SNA Server Clients do not Appear in License Manager
220942 TN5250 Clients May Fail with a STATE_CHECK Error
222109 Using Persistent Verification, Blank Password Not Sent To Host
222119 SNA Server Fails With Event 686 Using Persistent Verification
222121 Enhanced Security When Using Persistent Verification
222545 X.25 Connection Appears Active After Cable Disconnected
222612 SNA Server SCS Print Emulation Enhanced For S/36 Systems
222940 SNA 5250 Print Service (PPV5250) May Log Event 4097 In Error
222942 IBM S/36 Displays "Unexpected Data Received From Printer"
222944 Allow COMTI LU6.2 Send Size to be Configurable.
222947 COMTI: Allow Use Of Already Verified and Application Override
223373 SNA Server Rejects Host's BIND Response when the Primary Session Level Pacing Receive Window Size Is Zero
223415 Stop 0x0a in Ibmsync.sys at ibmsync!SyncPutDPCQueueTail+0x58
225108 SNA 4.0 SP2 May Cause Trap in Function RamWrite or CheckInboundQ
225156 Print Server Shows Incorrect Status When Starting A Large Number of Printers Simultaneously
225207 APPC/CPIC App Unable to Allocate Conversation over Dependent LU
225261 Error Line Number Returned By Snacfg.exe May Be Incorrect, Other Enhancements
228023 Connection Status Incorrect in Mixed SNA3 And SNA4 Domain
228495 After Upgrade to SNA Server 4.0 SP2, COMTI Application Fails With "Out of Memory" Indication
228503 Runtime Error 1215 Occurs When IMS Transaction Program Name is All Numeric Characters
228738 Null in First Byte of [Input] String When 'Pad With Blanks' Specified - Korean Windows NT Locale
228744 Runtime Error 1512 for String [Input] Parameter -- Korean Windows NT Locale
229636 NvRunCmd Terminates if SNA Application Internal Trace Is Enabled
229719 NvRunCmd Passes Wrong Data When Certain Programs Are Started
229727 Display Problems Occur with NvRunCmd
230204 SNA Server Fails Due to Access Violation in SNADMOD!RpcRouteProc
230220 TN3270 Emulators May Fail to Reconnect After Inactivity Timeout
230340 PATH Too Long Error Installing Windows 95/98 Client on Windows NT
230515 COMTI Method Invocation Fails With Runtime Error 1426
230601 Component Builder Incorrectly Maps COBOL Data Types for Unsigned Display
233373 CPIC App No Longer Limited to Single Local APPC LU
234687 How To Disable SNA NT Client Smart Multihoming
234843 RUI Application Receives Duplicate MSG10 Screen
234932 TN3270 Access Violation When Using Unique Ports for Sessions
235213 BUG: Four-part Name Linked Server Queries Fail Against DB2 for OS/390
235299 BUG: Parameterized Queries that Are Not Prepared Fail to Execute Through DB2OLEDB
235381 SNA Server Access Violation While Determining Proxy Privilege
235406 SNA Server Support for External Attach Managers
235423 Cannot Open Configuration File if CPI-C Symbolic Name Has an Invalid LU Name
235472 All Host Security Services Must Run in Same Windows NT Account
235521 BUG: Configuring a Data Link for OLE DB Provider for AS/400 and VSAM Fails
235571 Enumerating Files with Shared Folders Gateway May Be Very Slow
235578 SNA Server Now Allows You to Add Static IP Addresses to the Service Table
235631 Crtpkgw.exe Hangs While Trying to Create Packages in DB2 When Connected over TCP/IP
235657 Form Feed at End of LU3 Print Job Causes Blank Pages
235687 FIX: Error 0xC00E0022 When Receiving a Message Through the MSMQ-MQSeries Bridge
235691 FIX: The MSMQ - MQSeries Bridge Discards EPSend Messages
235694 FIX: The MSMQ-MQSeries Bridge Overwrites the ReplyToQMgr Extension Property
235849 SNA Server Drops Client LAN Connection, Logs Event 631 on DEC Alpha
235857 The First TN3270 Client on an OnDemand Connection Fails
235858 A CPI-C Application May Hang When Internal Tracing is Enabled
235866 TPstart Fails to Run Applications if Path Name Contains Blanks
235929 Single Signon Fails if the Windows NT Primary Domain Controller is Unavailable
235932 FIX: Memory Exception Recieving Messages from AS400
235934 FIX: Explorer Shows Level8 FalconMQ Server as Another Bridge
235938 FIX: MSMQ-MQSeries Bridge Has a Limit of 10 Queue Manager Connections
235958 Print Service May Cause Incomplete Printout with LU Type 3
235959 SNA Server May Fail to Reestablish a Session Under Certain Conditions
235977 Windows NT Machine Accounts Added to Host Account Cache
236098 Local TCP/IP Client Fails--No SNA Servers Found in (Sub)domain
236110 OLE DB for DB2 Provider Hangs on Non-Trusted Windows 95/Windows 98 Client
236122 SNA Server Fails to Correctly Support Both AV and PV for APPC Conversation Security
236123 Large Com.cfg File May Cause Dynamic Updates to Fail
236135 Password Change Lost if Password Change DLL Can't Contact SNAPMP
236355 DLC Link Service Adapter Dropdown List Empty if More Than 11 Adapters Configured
236391 Restoring SNA Configuration May Not Save Host Security Domains
236578 Offline Servers Should Be Removed From Clients' Service Table.
236591 SNA Server LU Allocation Favors Active Remote Connections over Available Local Connections
236599 Win32 SLI Application Ends Unexpectedly with No Errors
236618 Users With Read (View Only) Permissions Can Save Com.cfg
236785 TN3270 Client Sessions Fail with sec_rc=0x00000320 (LUA_BRACKET)
236787 SNACFG Should Allow Configuration of Compression for 3270 LUs
236847 SNACFG Should Allow Configuration of Host Security Domains
236849 Host Account Cache Needs to Start Before SnaServer Service
236922 Event 201 Errors Logged Even When Licenses Are Available
236953 Printer Sessions Status Not Updated in SNA Manager
237194 LUA Applications Unable to Acquire DDDLU Sessions in LUA Pools
237573 Single Sign-On May Not Work After User Changes Windows NT Password
237599 SNA Server 4.0 SP2 Client for Windows NT Always Installs MMC
237925 Windows 3.x SNA Client Truncates Workstation DNS Name
237962 MMC Application Exception after Applying SNA Server 4.0 SP2
239481 ODBC Connection to DB2 Fails from Some Windows 95 Computers
239707 TN3270 Clients May Fail to Reconnect to a Host Session
239919 Handle Leak in SnaBase When SNA API DLL Is Loaded/Unloaded Repeatedly
240108 Backup Host Security Cache Deleted on Exit if Primary Is Unavailable

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