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  • Microsoft HTML Help 1.3
  • Microsoft HTML Help 1.1
  • Microsoft HTML Help 1.2
  • Microsoft HTML Help 1.21
  • Microsoft HTML Help 1.22

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This article describes how to manually uninstall HTML Help. It then describes how to find and install the latest HTML Help components.

These steps can be used to troubleshoot problems with products that use HTML Help. This includes the HTML Help Workshop and documentation, such as the MSDN Library.

NOTE: If the HTML Help Workshop is installed, uninstall it before beginning these steps. The HTML Help Workshop should always be uninstalled before installing a newer version. Use Add/Remove Programs under the Control Panel to uninstall the HTML Help Workshop. See the "References" section of this article for the location of the latest HTML Help Workshop.


These steps for manually uninstalling and reinstalling HTML Help apply only to computers running Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, and Windows Millennium Edition (Me). On Windows 2000, HTML Help components are protected system files. To update these files on Windows 2000, you can do one of the following:

  • Reinstall Windows 2000.
  • Reinstall the latest Windows 2000 Service Pack.
  • Obtain a hotfix that updates one or more HTML Help system files.

WARNING: Manually uninstalling HTML Help results in lost settings such as Favorites and Help window positions.

Manually Removing HTML Help from Computers Running Windows 95, Window 98, Windows NT, and Windows Me

  1. If your computer is running Windows NT, make sure you are an Administrator.
  2. Close all running applications.
  3. Delete the following two files from the Windows directory:
    • Hh.dat
    • Hh.exe
  4. Delete all occurrences of the following files (which are usually in the %WinDir%\System or the %WinDir%\System32 folders):
    • Hhctrl.ocx
    • Itss.dll
    • Itircl.dll
    • Hha.dll
  5. Restart your computer. No HTML Help file is viewable until HTML Help is reinstalled.

Updating HTML Help on Computers Running Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, and Windows Me

Follow the instructions on:

for downloading and installing the latest HTML Help Update Package (Hhupd.exe).


For more information on HTML Help, installing the HTML Help Workshop, or installing the latest update package, Hhupd.exe, please see the following Microsoft Web site:

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