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Microsoft KB Archive/191791

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Article ID: 191791

Article Last Modified on 5/13/2003


  • Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Learning Edition
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Professional Edition
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Enterprise Edition

This article was previously published under Q191791


The information below includes the documentation and workarounds for Visual Basic 6.0. This information can also be found in the README.htm file that ships with Visual Basic 6.0 on the Visual Basic 6.0 CD-ROM. Please see the REFERENCES section of this article for a list of the Microsoft Knowledge Base articles relating to the Visual Basic 6.0 readme.

Following is a list of all parts of the readme file:

Part 1.  Important Issues - Please Read First!
Part 2.  Data Access Issues and DataBinding Tips
Part 3.  Control Issues
Part 4.  Language Issues
Part 5.  Samples Issues
Part 6.  Wizard Issues
Part 7.  Error Message Issues
Part 8.  WebClass Designer Issues
Part 9.  DHTML Page Designer Issues
Part 10. Extensibility issues
Part 11. Miscellaneous Issues
Part 12. Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) Issues
Part 13. Dictionary Object
Part 14. Visual Component Manager
Part 15. Application Performance Manager


Known Problems in Visual Component Manager:

Related Files Tab (Component Properties Dialog Box)" Topic Incorrect

Visual Component Manager User Interface Reference: The topic "Related Files Tab (Component Properties Dialog Box)" incorrectly states that the tab is used to display and enter files that are related to the selected component. In fact, none of the information displayed on this tab can be modified. You can add related files to a component only when publishing or re-publishing the component. For more information, search online, with Search titles only selected, for "Publishing Components" in the MSDN Library Visual Studio 6.0 documentation.

Removing Repository 1.0 Registry Keys

If you installed VCM 5.0 (previously available for Web download) you will have the following Windows Registry keys setup. They were necessary for VCM 5.0 and the 1.0 version of the Repository. If you find the following Registry entries then it is safe to remove them and may, in fact, improve VCM 6.0 performance:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Repository\CacheMaxAnnProps
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Repository\CacheMaxObjects
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Repository\ CacheRelshipMaxCollections
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Repository\CacheRelshipMaxRows
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Repository\MaxRowCacheAge

Adding Repository Tables to an Existing .mdb File

If you try to open an existing .mdb file from within VCM that is not a repository database (i.e., it does not contain the repository structure/tables), you will be asked if you want the repository tables added to the database. You should not do this for normal use; the repository should generally be in a separate database. This will work, but it can take as long as 10 minutes to create the repository structure in an existing .mdb file.

To create a brand new .mdb file containing the repository structure, right- click in the folder outline, click Repository, click New, and then enter the name of the file you want to create.


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