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  • Microsoft Access 97 Standard Edition

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Moderate: Requires basic macro, coding, and interoperability skills.


When you use the BuildCriteria method to programmatically set the Filter property on a form and the Field argument of the BuildCriteria method references a field name that contains a space, you may receive the following error message:

Run-time error '2448':
You can't assign a value to this object.


The BuildCriteria method is used to generate a parsed criteria string as it would appear in the Query by Example (QBE) grid or in Filter By Form mode. Unlike the QBE grid or Filter By Form, however, the BuildCriteria method does not automatically enclose the field name within brackets.


To resolve this behavior, enclose the Field argument of the BuildCriteria method within brackets. For example, using the example in step 2 of the "Creating the Module" section of the "Steps to Reproduce Behavior section" later in this article, enter the following expression

   strFilter = BuildCriteria("Product Name", dbText, strInput)

as follows:

   strFilter = BuildCriteria("[Product Name]", dbText, strInput)


Steps to Reproduce Behavior

  1. Open a new blank database.
  2. Import the Products table from the sample database Northwind.mdb.
  3. Open the Products table in Design view and change the field name ProductName to Product Name.
  4. Close the table.

Creating the Form

  1. On the Insert menu, click Form.
  2. In the New Form dialog box, click Form Wizard, and then click OK.
  3. In the Form Wizard, select Products in the Tables/Queries box, and then add all the fields from the Available Fields box to the Selected Fields box.
  4. Click Finish to build the form.
  5. Close the Form.

Creating the Module

  1. On the Insert menu, click Module.
  2. Add the following function to the module:

        ' This procedure opens a form and applies a filter.
        Sub SetFilter()
          Dim frm As Form, strMsg As String
          Dim strInput As String, strFilter As String
          ' Open Products form in Form view.
          DoCmd.OpenForm "Products"
          ' Return Form object variable pointing to Products form.
          Set frm = Forms!Products
          strMsg = "Enter one or more letters of product name " & _
          "followed by an asterisk."
          ' Prompt user for input.
          strInput = InputBox(strMsg)
          ' Build criteria string.
          strFilter = BuildCriteria("Product Name", dbText, strInput)
          ' Set Filter property to apply filter.
          frm.Filter = strFilter
          ' Set FilterOn property; form now shows filtered records.
          frm.FilterOn = True
        End Sub
  3. To test this procedure, type the following line in the Debug window, and then press ENTER:


    Note that the Products form is displayed, followed by an Input box requesting the search criteria.
  4. Enter A* and click OK.

    Note that you receive the error message:

    Run-time error '2448':
    You can't assign a value to this object.


For more information about using the BuildCriteria method, search the Help index for "BuildCriteria" or ask the Microsoft Access 97 Office Assistant.

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