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Microsoft KB Archive/175450

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Article ID: 175450

Article Last Modified on 11/18/2003


  • Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 Learning Edition
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 Professional Edition
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 Enterprise Edition

This article was previously published under Q175450


Microsoft Visual Studio 97 Service Pack 3 contains several fixes for Visual Basic 5.0. This article lists all of the Microsoft Knowledge Base articles documenting bug fixes that affect Visual Basic 5.0.


The following list contains the updated components and the bugs that were fixed for Visual Basic 5.0 in the Visual Studio 97 Service Pack 3. You can find all these articles quickly in the Microsoft Knowledge Base by searching on VB5FixlistSP3. If you are only interested in a specific article below, you can find it in the Microsoft Knowledge Base by searching on the article ID (for instance, 171546.)

Service Pack 3 Fixes

Q171546   FIX: VB4 Apps with Unbound DBGrid Fail with VB5 DBGrid
Q171547   FIX: New DBGrid32.OCX Breaks VB4 Apps that Use VB4 Version
Q174835   FIX: Internet Transfer Control Using Username and Password
Q174836   FIX: Problems Shutting Down When Using the Inet Control
Q171550   FIX: Recompiling with SP2 Breaks Binary Compatibility
Q171548   FIX: Binary Compatible Server Causes VB to Hang in the IDE
Q171551   FIX: 32-Bit DBList, DBCombo May Exhibit Problems When Locked

Service Pack 2 Fixes in Service Pack 3

Q166908   BUG: ScaleMode for Printer Object Can't Create Custom Scale
Q167107   BUG: Missing Controls on the SSTAB Control Tabs
Q167165   BUG: Too Many Controls on a Form May Crash Visual Basic IDE
Q167213   BUG: Invalid Page Fault When Shutting Down Visual Basic 5.0
Q167346   BUG: GPF Occurs When Starting Visual Basic 5.0

Q167706   BUG: Internet Transfer Control 5.0 "POST" Request Doesn't Work
Q167735   BUG: Setting Printer to Item in the Printers Collection Fails
Q168290   BUG: GPF When Setting Font of Multi-selected Controls
Q168744   PRB: Printer May Lose Font Attributes
Q168766   BUG: Internet Transfer Control Fails on Case-Sensitive Server

Q168792   BUG: Statusbar Time Panel May Not Update Properly
Q171470   FIX: Resize Event Not Fired When UserControl Copied & Pasted
Q171471   FIX: VB-Created Controls Fail to Print w/UserControl_Paint
Q171472   FIX: Toggling PortOpen w/MSCOMM32.OCX Leaks Memory on Win95
Q171473   FIX: MCI32.OCX Does Not Save Recorded .WAV Files

Q171474   FIX: Path Problems Using Project on Network Server
Q171475   FIX: RichTextBox Cleared When BorderStyle Changes at Run-Time
Q171476   FIX: Masked Edit Control Right-Aligned with NT 4.0 SP3
Q171477   FIX: Format Menu Options Can Crash Visual Basic 5.0
Q171478   FIX: Cannot Set Width/Height of UserControl in Resize Event

Q171479   FIX: Mod 0 Causes an IPF or Access Violation
Q171480   FIX: Setting SelAlignment Property Does Not Affect RichTextBox
Q171481   FIX: Cannot Set the Enabled Property of an UpDown Control
Q171482   FIX: Crash When Enum Name Referred to Incorrectly
Q171483   FIX: Crash When Rebuilding EXE Containing UserControl

Q171484   FIX: Code Module Window Displayed Transparently in SDI
Q171485   FIX: Visual Basic 5.0 Title Bar Paints Incorrectly
Q171486   FIX: Crash Sometimes Occurs with Cursor over Toolbox
Q171487   FIX: Crash When Assigning Uninitialized Object to Tag
Q171488   FIX: Val Function Recognizes System Decimal Symbol

Q171489   FIX: Use of Implements and Public Constants Crashes Compiler
Q171490   FIX: Crash After Toggling Folders in ActiveX EXE Project
Q171491   FIX: Mouse Button Value Is Always 4 in MouseUp Event of SSTab
Q171492   FIX: ActiveX Control Incorrectly Reports ScaleWidth/ScaleHeight
Q171493   FIX: Viewing Property Pages and Exiting Causes Memory Leak

Q171494   FIX: MouseUp Event Not Triggered in DblClick w/Comctl32
Q171495   FIX: Get Statement Not Working Correctly with Large UDT
Q171496   FIX: Bad Filename or Number with Get of UDT
Q171497   FIX: ListView in PictureBox on Tabbed Dialog Disappears
Q171498   FIX: Screen Turns Black When Compiling

Q171499   FIX: IDE Doesn't Show Topics of OCX Help Files Correctly
Q171500   FIX: ATL Controls Without IPropertyNotifySink Cause IPF in VB5
Q171501   FIX: User Control Moves When Width/Height Is Set in Container
Q171502   FIX: Crash with Watch on UserControl When Stop is Encountered

Q171504   FIX: Problems Setting PropertyPage Caption Property
Q171505   FIX: VB5 IDE Disappears or IPFs When "End" Button Is Pressed
Q171506   FIX: OLE Drag/Drop of ListView Control Fails
Q171507   FIX: VB GPFs When Selecting Align/Lefts from the Format Menu
Q171508   FIX: Add-ins May Cause Menu Corruption When Exiting Visual Basic

Q171509   FIX: Access Violation on NT4.0 on Multi-line Textbox
Q171510   FIX: Setting Font Property Causes Error 438 with RichTextBox
Q171511   FIX: Controls in Frame/PictureBox Do Not Repaint in Design Mode
Q171512   FIX: UserControls on Property Pages Do Not Trigger Focus Events
Q171513   FIX: Cannot Drag a Nested UserControl with Automatic DragMode

Q171514   FIX: Visual Basic 5.0 Crashes When Shutting Down Forms
Q171515   FIX: Crash on Customization of Design Environment Menus
Q171516   FIX: ActiveX Document DLL Causes GPF When Unloading Modal Form
Q171517   FIX: Animation Control Prints Incorrectly at Design-Time
Q171518   FIX: Controls May Not Print When Printing Form at Design Time

Q171519   FIX: Removing Function Causes Binary Compatibility Error
Q171520   FIX: Unable to Set Binary Compatibility with Class Module
Q171521   FIX: Non-Creatable Class Causes Loss of Binary Compatibility
Q171522   FIX: Enums in Public Procedures Cause Binary Compatibility Error
Q171523   FIX: Reference to Missing Member in Enum Definition Causes Crash

Q171524   FIX: Ambiguous Names Generate Incorrect Error Message
Q171525   FIX: ListView Causes IPF When Accessing ColumnHeaders Property
Q171526   FIX: Setting Enabled=False for TreeView Causes Paint Problems
Q171527   FIX: Causing a ListView Control to Paint Causes an IPF
Q171528   FIX: Using "Unload Me" in a Listbox Causes Crash

Q171529   FIX: Can't Open a Project Group from the Root Directory
Q171530   FIX: Crash on Data Tip After Enum Name Changed
Q171531   FIX: IPF When Changing Project Name With Binary Compatibility
Q171532   FIX: Crash Stepping Thru Code After Using Locals/Watch Window
Q171533   FIX: ActiveX EXE Crashes VB5 When Set to Binary Compatibility

Q171555   FIX: More Than One Sub Main May Cause EXE to Crash
Q171556   FIX: VB5 IDE Causes Exception Violation During Unload of Form
Q171557   FIX: Compiling VB5 Applications with Large UDTs May Crash
Q171575   FIX: RISC: CByte Doesn't Fail on Negative Values on Native Exe
Q171576   FIX: RISC: AddressOf Doesn't Behave Properly in IDE/PCode Exe

Q171577   FIX: Using Set for ListItem's SubItem Results in GPF
Q171795   FIX: RDC Error Calling UpdateRow After Resultset.AddNew
Q171796   FIX: Problems When Running Asynchronous Queries with RDO 2.0
Q171797   FIX: VB5 DBCombo May Display Wrong Column for RDC 1.0
Q171798   FIX: DBCombo Click Event Fires During Form Load

Q171801   FIX: Bound Controls Built in VB5 Do Not Work in VB4 IDE
Q171802   FIX: Problems Updating Using DBCombo When ListField = DataField
Q171803   FIX: Problems Retrieving VB 5.0 Projects from Visual SourceSafe
Q171804   FIX: Change Event Not Fired When Selecting an Item in DBCombo

Q171805   FIX: Problems Binding Controls To Nonexistent Data Control
Q171806   FIX: Memory Leak When RDC Bound to OLE Container Control
Q171807   FIX: Selected Tab Changes After Removing Tab in Tabstrip
Q171808   FIX: MDI Child Form Does Not Become Active
Q171809   FIX: Memory Leak When Setting the ForeColor of a VB5 Object

Q171810   FIX: Invoking the Visual Component Manager asserts in Exutil
Q171811   FIX: Cannot see relationship collection on an interface with Tab
Q171812   FIX: Run-Time Error When DataObject Passed As Object
Q171813   FIX: IPF in MSO97RT.DLL When Starting Visual Basic
Q171814   FIX: System Menu Appears When MouseDown Event Invokes a Drag

Q171815   FIX: Printer.TextWidth Returning Inconsistent Results in IDE
Q171816   FIX: IPF Opening or Saving Form with Tab Control

Q171818   FIX: IDE Crashes When Repeatedly Placing a Control on a Form
Q171819   FIX: Invalid Enum Value Causes Incompatible Binary Compatible

Q171820   FIX: ListView/ListItems Don't Refresh When ColumnHeaders Cleared

Q171822   FIX: Adding a Routine to UserControl in Break Mode Causes Crash
Q171823   FIX: Application Error When Using Implements on Hyperlink Object
Q171824   FIX: Crash in INET Control Downloading Page Multiple Times
Q171825   FIX: Tabbing Problems Using ActiveX Document in a Frame

Q171826   FIX: Tabbing Problems with Controls Contained with Controls
Q171827   FIX: Printing userdrawn usercontrol in IE Doesn't Work
Q171828   FIX: Using OpenURL Doesn't Download Complete Files
Q171829   FIX: GetChunk Freezes Unless Other Events Happening
Q171830   FIX: ActiveX Document Menu Changing Places

Q171831   FIX: IObjectSafety Implemented in Toolbar and CmDialog Controls
Q171832   FIX: Statement Builder Can Cause the Object Browser to Crash
Q171833   FIX: Statement Builder Crashes Referencing GlobalMultiUse Server
Q171834   FIX: Crash When UserControl Accesses Members of ParentControls
Q171835   FIX: Crash When Viewing Data Tips on ParamArray

Q171836   FIX: Crash When Viewing API Properties in Object Browser
Q171837   FIX: Run-time Error 6 "Overflow When Compiled to Native Code"
Q171838   FIX: Crash Compiling Native Code for Assignment of Variant Array
Q171839   FIX: Crash When Compiling a Call to a UserControl Function
Q171840   FIX: Corrupt Project Error Opening One Project After Another

Q171841   FIX: Dragging Multiple Controls on a Form May Cause Crash
Q171842   FIX: GetSetting Function Is Leaking Handles
Q171843   FIX: Winsock Control Leaks Memory When Unloaded

Service Pack 1 Fixes in Service Pack 3

Q167122   FIX: FindItem Method of ListView Incorrectly Returns an Error
Q167123   FIX: COMctl32.ocx Is Binary Incompatible with Previous Version
Q167947   FIX: ODBC CAB File Does Not Install 16-bit ODBC Files
Q167948   FIX: Internet Component Download Fails After Using Setup Toolkit
Q167950   FIX: DAO Internet Component Download Fails to Install

Q167951   FIX: Autmgr32.exe Fails After Component Download
Q168153   FIX: DBGrid Bound to RDC Displays a Single Row After MoveLast
Q168155   FIX: Crash When Resizing Column of Split DBGrid
Q168156   FIX: DBGrid Bound to RDC Displays Small ResultSets Incorrectly
Q168157   FIX: Problems Binding Multiple Controls to RDC 2.0

Q168158   FIX: Can't Close Resultset if DBGrid Bound to RDC
Q168159   FIX: DBCombo Updates Incorrectly When Using RDC Bound ListSource
Q168160   FIX: Error on Update After AddNew With RDC and Bound Controls
Q168161   FIX: Distributed Transaction Fails On Subsequent Runs
Q168162   FIX: RDO Move 0 Fails to Refresh Record
Q168163   FIX: Memory Leak When Calling UserConnection Query Event

Repository Fixes in the full SP1/SP2/SP3 (not in the stand-alone VB5 SP2 download)

Q169302   FIX: Get_Item() Does Not Return Error When Property Not Found
Q169303   FIX: Get_Item() Doesn't Find Property Defined on Ancestor Iface
Q169304   FIX: Errors Occur When Getting Property of VB Project: Crashes
Q169305   FIX: Repository Error after Halting Execution in Break-mode Edit
Q169306   FIX: ReComputeRepository GPFs if Passed Non-existent DB Name

Q169307   FIX: RepUtil:CompactJetRepository Doesn't Work with DSN Name
Q169308   FIX: CompactJetRepository Only Recognizes Lowercase Jet db Names
Q169309   FIX: Adding ActiveX Designer/Userconnection Results in Shutdown
Q169331   FIX: RecomputeRepos: Won't Work with Database Created by UML.DLL
Q169332   FIX: Changing Obj Name Before Saving Results in Repository Error

Q169333   FIX: Engine: Collection Not Updated After Removing an Item
Q169334   FIX: IRepos::Get_Name() Returns Error if Called on a Property
Q169335   FIX: CDatabase::InsRelshipRow Does Not Release Collection Obj
Q169336   FIX: Engine Item Method Takes Parameter Type of IntID
Q169337   FIX: Unable To Remove a Relationship from Collection with OBJID
Q169339   FIX: RepUtil.DLL Doesn't Contain Version or Copyright Info

Q171544   FIX: Engine: Collection Object Does Not Access Correctly by Name
Q171545   FIX: Error 438 When Using CreateInterface's Optional Default Flag
Q171549   FIX: Cached Class Factorys Can Get Released by Illegal Thread

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